Leos at Blue Team Game Thread (July 23, 7 p.m. ET, TSN)

Well, we have a better shot with Hanna Montana as our O.C., but I digress... :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Argo bounce on the fumble with 43 seconds left. :thdn:

How frustrating is that? Lulay puts up a 50 yard Hail Mary with ONE second left and is CAUGHT by a BC Lion ONE lousy yard short of the endzone. Forecast in Hamilton calls for pain.

On thegood side (for Cats fans) both teams got sort of banged around, and neither looked overpowering..

Barker goes postal on his players on the side line actually turning red faced after a fumble and it lights a fire under their ass. Marcel on the other hand applauds the offense as they're walking back to the sideline after getting stuffed again on the 1. :roll:

Wholly diferent things, in my opinion, Kat...

Fumbling the ball on a good play call from the bench is going to make a coach furious...getting no holes against good defence on a bad play call from the bench is another thing.

Well who'd have thunk it eh? The Argos are tied for first in the east at 3-1 while the Cats are a lowly 1-3. Never would have seen that coming. The Argos have a nice running game. I have to hand it to them....they did a nice job turning that boat around..even if it is early in the season and the schedule is favouring them for now.

The two contrasting records puts the last ten years in perspective.

Well, the play was there for Cobb too, and it would have been a good play call if he didn't fumble it. I wouldn't have yelled at them, but neither would I have applauded it. I think I would have at least done a face palm or something. lol

Alot of lucky things when their way. Arcenaux (sp?) deep pass drop, late interception, late Argo bounce on a fumble, and a 50 yard Hail Mary caught on the ONE yard line with time expired. But they'll come back to down to Earth.

Exactly.I never really believed in luck in football but wow are we seeing it with these guys.Their D is great, no question but their O sucks bad.And somehow now they make all the mistakes they want and still get the lucky bounce that wins the game.Go figure :roll: