Leos at Blue Team Game Thread (July 23, 7 p.m. ET, TSN)

Lions at Argonauts
Today at 7pm et/4pm pt
Also available on TSN HD

Can the Leos win with Lulay or will the Blue Team make Lemonade? LOL

The TSN.ca game preview is at http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=328282 .

Oski Wee Wee,


8) Ready for another barnburner tonight, Russ ??? :wink:
 Actually, I think it will be an entertaining game !!

Me too, Tip!

Ah yes... The Braley Bowl I

Belli should be kicked out of the game for that - no class.

8) The big question is, who exactly does Braley cheer for in this one ??? :roll:
   In reality, he can't really lose.....can he ???    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->
8) Boy, wouldn't Jamal Robertson look good in the TiCat backfield right now !!
 Ooops, I forgot, we could have signed him as a free agent this season, couldn't we ??

 I guess Wally knows quality players when he sees them !!!    <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->

17-10 BC at the half

Wow dude your so negative whats up with that! Bob O'billovich is the best GM in CFL! If he want Jamal he would have signed him! Looks like your knew on here so lets be straight, diehard fans support this team either way, ive read 3 different thread you have wrote on today, and to me you have disappointed me. But some people would say, who am I to say, ill tell you who I am "Bruce13thMan" Thats who!! :lol:
And thats the bottom line cause Bruce13thMan said so! :lol:
All im trying to say is keep positve there's 14 more games to go Bro!! :rockin:

You have to love Robertson, low to the ground and can run. Lulay, this guy is showing poise for rook, wow. Good game, JC finally gets a td in double blue.

Nice quick drive (40 seconds?) for Argos at the end of the first half. Executed perfectly. Should be a good second half if they can continue...I'm hoping that Braley's left coast team can bury the Argos the rest of the way!! :lol:

8) Well, I am rather new on here :wink: , so you have to forgive me !!
 As much as I admire Obie, I would still say that Jim Popp is the No. 1 GM in the CFL.  His record and team tells you why

 I say that !!

 I will try and stay more positive though, because Stone Cold Bruce said so !!!     <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->  <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Another fumble recovered!! now this is entertainment!

The answer to how David Braley can lose tonight is to have both Team's starting QB out on injury.

BTW, I think its a bit cruel to be ragging Cobb...we have serious lineman problems, let alone the OC has not addressed this.

19-10 BC after 3 quarters

Wonder whether the league will review the big Elimimian hit on Lemon. On replay it looked like he was leading with his helmet.

20-17 Lions with five minutes left to play, as Arceneaux keeps dropping them...

Good point SafetyBlitz, I haven't watched it more than it was shown, but I think it was a late hit (two steps after the release), but there were some questionable calls on hits determined to be "low" that I didn't agree with

F me...they get another TD...LULAY throws a pic and now this is really sad...

Lulay's garbage. But no doubt he'll play like Joe Montana against the Cats.

Lulay with another INT, so this one looks like a T.O. win...puts the Ticat loss in a worse perspective now!

24-20 with :43 left...