Leonard's TD ball

In his obviously great joy in his pick six Richard Leonard threw the ball in the west stands. I hope the Ticat fan who caught it “does the right thing” and offers to trade it back to him for a team signed football. I’m sure the TD ball would mean more to Leonard and I think the team signed ball would mean more to the fan.

I’m confused. Has Leonard asked for the ball back?

Do you purposely throw things away that are important to you and want to keep?

In reply to Crash and OMD the answer to both of your questions is the same - no.

I just know that if I were he, I would regret my toss to the stands and think that I had made a mistake. If I am projecting my thoughts to him that he does not share then I apologise. If the fan with the ball reads this he could approach the team to see if my projection skills were 100% accurate or inaccurate.

Im sure if he wanted the ball he would go on social media and ask for it

Didn’t Mike Daly do that?

He got his ball back.

Not out of line to think that Leonard will want that ball back. I remember Daly tossing a ball from his first TD into the stands last year and then going on to Twitter to ask for it back. In the excitement of the moment, players don’t always think to hang on to things they’ll want to keep as mementos!

No matter what, It was a big play

Leonard not caring about keeping a ball from a garbage time TD is the exact attitude I want him to have at this point of the season.

Players throwing footballs into the stands in similar instances should be a league rule infraction. Former Ti-Cat owner Harold Ballard used to deduct the cost of a ball off any Hamilton players paycheck if that player tossed a ball away.

Maybe we could suspend them for a game.

or two? Then fall back to one upon appeal.

Prior to 2016 it was an objectionable conduct penalty when a defensive player tossed the offensive teams ball into the stands. The rule was changed in 2016
• A player who gives an opponent’s offensive ball to a fan after a turnover as ruled on the field would no longer be flagged for objectionable conduct, which had been an unintended consequence of allowing offences to use their own footballs.
Harold Ballard was just cheap. In this case it was Edmonton’s ball so Leonard may have to pay Edmonton for the ball.

Hopefully, Edmonton is not so petty; hopefully we are not either if the roles were reversed.

This is supposed to be entertainment; even the No Fun League is allowing celebrations these days without petty fines and BS discipline.

I got the ball Frankie Williams intercepted in Edmonton. He tossed it right to me. I got in touch with him on Instagram and thanked him for it. He responded and said he wish he signed it for me. If he wants it back, he knows how to get in touch with me.

The guy who got the ball was 2 rows behind me, he looked pretty happy with it. Doubt he will give it back,


Make Kilgore pay for it. His fault for throwing an INT… ;D

Besides, how often does this happen? How much does a ball really cost a team? They aren’t paying retail.

At the end of the day, from the CFL’s perspective, it adds excitement and incentive for fans to attend, and pay a premium for seats within throwing distance of sidelines. Win-Win.

Used to be $75 fine. Now it’s nothing.

Ball in the stand… The CFL will fine Simoni this week. :stuck_out_tongue: