Leon Bright & Hebeler

I always remember Nick Hebeler and Leon Bright as great Lions.

Here's some info on the pair:


I hope Logan returns he reminded me of Neon Leon!

Who could forget the "spirited"play of Orange Shoes Hebler

And Neon Leon was a star shining brightfor far too little a time, when Lions fans wanted something to cheer for in the darkeness of those teams.

I still smile when I remember Roy Dewalt, Jarious Jackson of teh Lions 80's teams, arm like a connon, but no touch. First play from Scrimmage , start of a new season, first down................Roy throws an intercetion, My Boss who took me to the game stands up and turns to face the crowd...."Tickets....anyone want season tickets real cheap!!!!"

Ah even when they weren't winning they gave us memories and fun times, they had color........so did we till this year, even if we didn't win, we had character players who made us feel they were out there fighting for the fans. And until recently win or lose so did the Lions of the past few years.

In all fairness, Roy did win a Grey cup for us. :wink:

Not too many BC quarterbacks can say that. :smiley:

I rank Roy up there as one of the top 3 Lions QBs ever. Flutie would be in that group and of course Joe Kapp.

Between DeWalt and Swervin Mervim, they made scoring touchdowns look like childs play. I also thought it was cool when Hebeler went to play for Sask, he would paint his shoes green - too funny.

In all fairness, Roy did win a Grey cup for us.
He would have won 2 for us except for that legendary reciever Jacques Chapdelaine who dropped an easy catch at the 5 that would have given the Lions first and goal.....I wonder where that loser is now???

He's where?

No Way?

I don't believe that....oh wait those that can...do... those that can't ....teach :roll: