Leodis Mckelvin......

Mckelvin = Jo Jo Walker???

I know this is Ticat Nation...I am a huge Ticat fan.....i love the Bills tho too...

I woke up this morning and felt like i did the day after the 98 grey cup....

The bills snatched defeat from the jaws of victory...all mckelvin had to do was kneel down...Dick Jauron is horrendous..

I dont know im just pissed...and as a southern ontario sports fan, i am at my witts end..

can anyone second my thoughts....give me any optimisim? first the cats on fri night...now the bills.....arghhhhhh!!!!

Thank you! another bills fan that shares my displeasure with Leodis Mckelvin. All the idiot had to do was drop a knee and leave it to Trent Edwards and Fred Jackson but instead tries to end the game himself and coughs up the game ending fumble. How unproffessional can you get? He knew he was going to have no blocking as they were expecting an onside kick, yet he tried to go for it all anyways. Could've pulled arguably the biggest upset in NFL history, the bills ending an 11 game losing streak against the Pat's, and winning for the very first time in Gillette stadium but instead Leodis "The Hero" McKelvin cost the Bill's big time.This could come back to bite them you know where come playoff time. Disgusting, I hate the Pats :thdn:

To me the Bills are the Blue team of the NFL. Can't stand them.

Sorry for your luck, though. Bad way to lose.

Lol, I don't really look at them that way, I like them because of their history, how I can drive down there and watch them, etc. I don't like teams right now that everyone hops the bandwagon onto. Like you see hundreds of pat's fans up here, only because they've been killer this last decade. Same with the Steeler's. Soon as they suck, they'll be latched onto a new team. Bill's for life, and the team i'd consider my "blue team" probably would be either the Pat's or the Steeler's.

Yes that was unbelievable last night, but it's only the first game. The Bills have a lot to look forward to, everyone thought they were a disaster in pre-season.

As for the Cats, come on who could have predicted 5 - 5 so far? certainly no sportswriter.

As a Dolphins fan, I didn't care who won last night, so the last 2 minutes to see the Bills implode was pretty amusing

Just like a CFL game , right to the last second. But I agree with BHGirl.

I agree with taking it out of the endzone, he was trying to get to the 2 minute warning, there was 2:05 left. By taking it to the 2 minute warning you essentially take another 45 seconds off the clock. New England had 2 time outs left and giving them the 2 minute warning meant they would have been punting with as much as 1:50 left.

Having said that, he could have stayed in the endzone until someone got there, or gone down sooner.

run it out good idea get below the 2min warning,,,,, but protect the ball even hit the turf.

McCowan on The Fan just did an analysis of that play and taking it out of the end zone (as Crash stated)was the correct thing to do. The only error was not holding on to the ball.

Updated: September 16, 2009, 3:33 PM ET
McKelvin not seeking vandal's arrest
Associated Press

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- " Still a little upset over having his lawn vandalized, Buffalo Bills cornerback Leodis McKelvin is willing to forgive and forget.

Referring to Bills fans as being great, McKelvin said Wednesday he doesn't want anyone arrested for painting an obscenity and the game's score on the front lawn of his home shortly after a 25-24 season-opening loss at New England on Monday.

"It's just one little incident. I hope it doesn't happen any more," McKelvin said following practice. "I was mad, I was kind of like angry in a way, but I was laughing a little bit for what they put on there."

McKelvin is being partly blamed for the loss after his fumble set up the Patriots' winning drive. He discovered the vandalism shortly after returning home from the game."


Shades of the Paul McCallum and Tom Clements idiocies. There is a line fans must never cross!

Oski Wee Wee,


I had the Pats in my survivor pool so that fumble was the greatest play of the week.
This is the sort of thing that sets the tone for a season though, I think Jauron will soon be gone.

If I were him, I'd have them charged. Dirtbags will never learn if they get away with it.

There is no room for this type of crap. Although the "take a knee" part of it was a little humourous. I can't believe they got that riled up over an early season loss.

Thats cause BobCat is a great sports mind :wink:

Could be worse. Could be that soccer player that scored on his own net by accident and was shot at the airport 3 mins after he landed at home...

Our Country.
Our Game.
Our Forum.
Please respect all of the above and do this somewhere else!

Im a football fan. I dont have to choose between one league or another. Ticats first. Bills second. But when there are football games on, I am going to watch them! CFL, NFL, NCAA, CIS, I'll watch it!

Even if they make me want to shoot myself in the face like the ending of that last game did.

Sorry but 200 pages on Jim Rim bringing a hockey team to Hamilton means we can talk NFL. Get that thread taken down and i’ll gladly stick to the forum guidelines.

8) Yeah, I can give you some optimisim.....the Leafs are losers too !!! :lol:

I don't mind this at all, given that there are examples of how critical special teams are, especially in the Canadian game. The vandalism issue also points to how far over the line fans can go to "pay back" a player for a mistake or poor performance on the field. Tom Clements's case was a low ebb for Cat fans, IMHO.

I don't mind it when guys try to make plays, but it is vital for the special teams coach in that kind of situation to be clear to the player as to what the anticipated course of action should be. Emphasizing the need to take it out of the end zone and run until hitting the deck and avoiding a stop-and-strip ballhawking posse would be on the special teams coach if it wasn't done IMHO -- and the Bills' Bobby April IS one of the very best for my money.

Oski Wee Wee,