Leo’s at the horsies RECAP

…Reilly and his got-something-to-prove O-line did just that for three quarters of the game…aside from an impressive goal line stand to stem the onslaught the guys in red were reeling, and the BC boys were not letting up…with five minutes left to go and down 11 points Coach Dave decided to risk using magic and pulled out of his poke a +3 Horseshoe of Unbelievable Events and waved it around three times…every magic spell of this type though requires a sacrifice, a big one, and warrior BLM fell shortly thereafter… :o…but the magic fell upon next man up Arbuckle, throw the ball to me Rogers and new kid on the block Klukas and that my friends, was an exciting end…for stamps fans, not so much for leos fans…

The game would have been a blowout for the Stamps if not for some undisciplined penalties in the 1st half… no magic in how the Stamps’ played, but it shouldn’t have been as close as it was, but credit BC for taking advantage of the gifts Calgary gave them.

The 2 highest (over)paid QB’s in the League are still O’ fer! :o

…that is indeed a telling stat…

This will still count as a win on a BLM start. Baseball rules don’t apply.

I didn’t watch most of the game, but I assume TSN showed that stat they always do about how many wins BLM has personally achieved (presumably as a solo player) in his years in Calgary?

Arbuckle looked good coming in on relief .

When I hear that name all’s I think of is Fatty Arbuckle and he is not fat .

He looks like a keeper .

Any word on Bo Levi’s injury? Hate to see a star player go down.

Kudos to Arbuckle and the Stamps for a hard-fought comeback, but it was inexcusable for BC to give up two late touchdowns to a team that had lost some starters to injury, had inserted their back-up QB, and were facing a fairly stiff wind. Especially when they held BLM is check for large stretches of the game.

Completely unprepared for that onside kick, that was masterfully executed. Owned by Killam.
Eric Rogers. 3 TDs and a pair of 2-pt converts. You think safety help might have been in order to double team him late?

Thanks for that!

Rarely have I felt that angry and frustrated after a game. Yes, it was only Game 3 but a must-win for BC to have any hope of gaining some traction in this marketplace. People are taking a decidedly “wait and see” approach. A 1-2 record after beating the Stamps though would have provided some measure of optimism. But collapsing very late in the game like they did (irrespective of Reilly’s impressive outing) only gives fence-sitters and doubters another reason not to care.

I’ll say it again, and I know some don’t give a rat’s patootie, but to have the CFL’s 3 largest markets go a combined 0-6 not healthy for the league (with an “average” of 41 points allowed in those 6 games).

At first I thought it was a broken collarbone or rotator cuff. Doesnt look to be the case from that article and possibly a torn pec or strain. I guess we will find out

This is what Ed Hervey and the BC lions get for paying $1.2 million for 3 players. Terrible depth and overall a terrible defense.

Well, as an objective observer, that was a less-than-exciting game that ended in a spectacular finish. The way they executed that onside kick was stellar: teams across the league should use that footage to learn how to do it.
Odd that neither Mitchell nor Reilly were able to win that game, especially when TSN had been dubbing this as a showdown between the two best QBs in the league. If only the CFL had another QB who was capable of passing for 300+ yards a game on a consistent basis, who was actually able to win some games. ::slight_smile: :wink:

I am not a BC fan but was pulling for them because I wanted Reilly to have his day. To blow an 11-point lead with less than 3 minutes to go is inexcusable. No one with a sense of fair play will pin this on Reilly. He did his job. BC needed this win in a bad way and the way they lost this game could have long-lasting corrosive effects on both the team and the fans.

MAN this is frustrating!

Three days later, and STILL nothing but crickets on BLM’s MRI, diagnosis, prognosis, or status.

Where did Calgary’s publicity department get their training…MI6?

BLM getting a second opinion. Warning, arrogance alert in following article ::slight_smile:

…ha! You’re just mad he referenced that 60-1 game…

Hamilton humiliates team doormats two weeks in a row and fans are told they’re lucky they’ve got such an easy schedule. Calgary humiliates a team doormat once and Mitchell’s still talking about it two years later.

Consider yourself lucky to be alive in the BLM Era, so that you get to watch him play in real time.

We shall soon find out if BLM makes CAL look good, or if CAL under Hufnagel makes every QB that plays in their system look good. So far, based on three minutes of Arbuckle, we have support for it being the latter. (If we actually need more support, that is, after the past 11+ years of football under four regular starting CAL QBs dating back to Hank himself.)

To prove that he would have to take James Franklin or Vernon Adams and make them look good … there is every possibility that Nick Arbuckle is another in a line of very good Calgary quarterbacks.