iI don't know if alot of people on this site remember Leo Lewis' playing days and what a great player he was with the Bombers.....his record speaks for itself....and when you watched the chemistry he had with Kenny Ploen you could see why they had a string of Grey Cup appearances and wins....I can still remember some of his awesome runs...leaving defenders flat on their butts or trying to tackle air as he weaved and danced past them....greatest balance I have ever seen in a back....Bud Grant who left the Bombers for the Vikings. said ...Lewis was the best player he had ever coached ....CFL or NFL.....When Leo played for us in those years ...and those teams ....the Bombers were awesome...and man could you be loud and proud then...Congrats. Leo on being elected to the MANITOBA hall of fame....it's about time... :smiley:

Unfortunately, I never saw him play, but his accomplishments speak for themself, 4 cups in 12 years with the bombers, congrats leo.