Leo clowns

I honestly can`t believe some Leo fans think they have the best defence. What a joke. What opinion is this based on? The linebackers are great, but the secondary is average at best. Talent wise nobody close to the argos.

i don't think there are many BC fans saying we have the "best" defence.... that would be the Edmonton fans... but we will say that we have a good defence... one of the best.... but not THE best... we will however say we have the BEST offence in the league...

oh... and why did you put this in the Edmonton forum?? seems out of place to me

Can you quote a few Lions fans your refering to?

Nobody close to the Argos? :evil:

The Lions Defence beat your Esks last night tundreadog.

yeah... and so much for the Esks having the best run defence in the league eh?... Lions had 23 rushing attempts for 157 yards and a 6.8 yard avg...

It happens. What surprised me was how well they ran the ball and how poorly they pass blocked at the same time

Argos and Lions d is getting the job done but in my opinion Saskatchewan is the best defense when they got all guys healthy firing on all cylinders. Nate Davis' presence on the field alone will make guys play twicefold, and Scott Gordon can really lay guys out as we saw with Ben Cahoon. Now Calgary's defense, boy whatever is left of them after the Winnipeg game I feel sorry getting ready for BC...

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Are you guys seriously questioning how potent the Eskimo defence is? SERIOUSLY?! I am shocked and amazed. I don't have to go on a rant about the temporary patchwork secondary (which played extremely well considering), but these boys came together and decided during the BC game that front-five (sometimes 3!!)-pressure had to be made... and Gawd-All-Mighty it rained fire on Casey Printers. I can't believe that other teams' fans don't see the Eskimo defence as I do... the best Eskimo defence that I have seen in a long time! The Eskimo losses are not to be blamed on our defence... but primarily by (1 - montreal) our special teams, and (2 - BC) by our offence. Our defence only played poorly in the Hamilton game (IMO), to date.

tsk, tsk, ChronicGuy, I know that you are better than to quote the running stat. You saw what happened, you saw the game... you are a very knowledgable football fan. The season is half-full, and you are statistically analyzing the Eskimos before they have faced "The Great" Antonio Warren? The man is a wizard... well.... that and the hilarious max-protection set that they continously pounded on us... until half-time.

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ok… first… yes i am SERIOUSLY questioning the fact that Edm. has “the best defense in the league” as put by so many Esks fans… look at who they have played… they played the Bombers TWICE (BOTH of those games Tee Martin was running the offence… and he SUCKS)… they played Ham. TWICE… (with a lack of recivers that can catch and a QB who moves slower than my great grandmother)… Ottawa in the first week before their offence found it’s feet… then the 2 games they lost against good offences… BC and Mtl… well… Mtl isn’t even that good this year… but they lost both games against better than avg. offences… the defence in Edm isn’t THAT good… they have been made to LOOK good by 5 of their 7 opponants…

i will however give the D-line credit in Edm. as they ARE ONE of the best in the league… but the rest of the D is avg.

Next… the game against Mtl. you can not blame a loss in which your D gave up over 30 points on the special teams only… ANY time a team gives up more than 30 points the defence has to accept SOME of the blame… this is after all a TEAM game… no game is won or lost on 1 play… 1 player… nor is it won or lost by 1 unit… in this case the special teams…

And as for me quoting rushing stats… i had to… all i had heard all week was how good the Esks. defence was… particularly against the rush… i was simply pointing out that their Defence… and particularly the run defence maybe isn’t quite as good as people seem to think it is…

Fair points. Eveyone will have varying opinions as to what defence is the best in the league. The Esks defence on paper looked very good to start the year and playing against weaker offensive teams helped enhance that image.

I would agree that they haven't fully played up to the hype and yeah I guess you can call them average at this stage of the season. I am actually pleasantly surprised that they are leading the league in sacks though. I knew Montford would make a difference, but not that much.

Every loss should be considered a team loss, but the Esks are leading the league in penalty yardage right now. It's undisciplined and unneccessary and I believe a a major part of the problem. In the end the spoils will go to team that makes the fewest mistakes and makes the best adjustments to their opponents and right now that aint the Esks.

That said, the talent is in place and it is my opinion that it would be foolish to write them off as just average. I would be willing to bet that Wally and Pinball are thinking the same thing.


I agree with supertoe. The Esks D has had help by playing mostly weaker teams. In their two losses though the D seems to play fairly well though, it is just that the offence seems to struggle. In the losses the offence seems to have one really strong quarter but then play below average for the rest of the game. If the offence could put in a good showing all game I think they would be a much more competative team against the better teams in the CFL, although if ifs and buts were candy and nuts it would be Christmas every day. The offence obviously has a lot of strong players on it and is capable of putting up a lot of points, a little more of a running game would be nice to see too.

Anyway I can't wait to see the rest of the season play out, anything can happen in the CFL regardless of who is the best in which category, that's what makes this game so much fun to watch.