Lenny Walls.....signed

Contract finally done....This guy is a very solid addition to the BigBlues secondary....he is a BIG hitter along the lines of Hebert and Bolden...He will lead this defence eventually... Our d is shaping-up nicely... :thup:

Soooo glad this guy is coming. Very exciting signing.

Our secondary is sure a lot BIGGER than last year anyway…Stewart, Byrd, Walls, all over 6 feet…

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

....The bigger they are.. can also result in great coverage....Watch Browner of the stamps...not that he;s the best db. in the league but he does get the job done....rangey and quick...and a tough hitter.. :wink:

Size isn’t the be-all and end-all for a football player, any more than speed is. Can be a valuable quality, certainly, but it is only one quality of many that has to be evaluated. Just because a player is big doesn’t mean he’s good (hello, Ted White), any more than just being fast means he’s good (hello, Sylvain Girard).

Based upon what Murphy and the database have brought into camp so far, I like the odds of this guy being a keeper.

......my first comment was 'big' hitter.....that is his rep.....we'll see......as far as size goes.....we are definitely bigger....whether or not that equates to the secondary as being better.....that also fits the terminology..'we'll see'....I brought up Browner becasue he resembles Walls or vice-versa....Size does not always dictate talent or competency...but in this game 'sometimes' being big helps.... There's certainly been a lot of 'smaller' guys who have been stars in this league and continue to be...that is a certainty....now if we go into each and every position...size sometimes is definitely a requirement.. :wink:

If this is the same guy that was with the Stamps last year, then he is definitely a major shutdown guy. He would have played in the playoffs and Grey Cup if not for a late injury in the season since he was a starting halfback the latter part of the year with the Stamps. I recall he suffered some injury just before the playoffs, so that is why he did not play. I think the Stamps did not resign him since he might have wanted too much coin, and their original halfback he had replaced recovered fully and did play in the playoffs and Grey Cup(J.R. Ruffin). He definitely was compared to Browner in Calgary while he was here. Hopefully he is fully recovered from his injury, and is ready to smack to people around!!

I'm glad he's finally in camp. Hard to say what these guys will be like (I've never seen them) but I like the fact Kelly is trying to fix the secondary this year and I think it was on the coaches show where he said they will be real aggressive and the secondary will have good balls skills. I'm excited about that cause personally, I could not stand their old philopshy of give the recievers 6-7 yards to catch the ball then most often times missing the tackles. I'd much rather see the guys go after the ball.

Oh boy...if Walls lives up to his hype...I'm very excited about our secondary this year...

…According to todays Sun , Walls is NOT SIGNED…erroneous reporting by someone in the media had him all wrapped up (like the Burke Dales signing)…This brings the question …does this guy really want to play for the BigBlue or does he want to pull a Corey Mace (the hammer is having a prob. signing this guy) and hold-out for ridiculous dough…hmmmmm…I’d say Kelly better be carefull with his releases in the db. dept…we may let a quality player go and find out that Walls is a no-show…I wish Walls would ‘poop’ or get off the pot…it’s getting late in the day :roll: :roll:

…man …what a merry-go-round…after the Sun reported Walls not signed today…the Bombers TODAY have finally announced his signing…I’m getting dizzy trying to follow this one… :roll: :lol:

He's here, got off the plane this morning. Should see him on the field tomorrow, hope he was worth it as I am little miffed that Byrd was cut.

…you just nailed the reason why Byrd has taken flight…IF Mr. Walls is as good as his clippings…we have a gooder…if not Byrd has to be on the speed dial…and that’s if someone like the hammer doesn’t pick him up…I’m watching this one closely…Murphy knows his players and he’s sure Walls is our man…we’ll see… :roll:

…finally…Walls has made it to t.c…according to sources he was a ‘big presence’ in his debut…He’s happy with his contract and wants to do what he loves best… quote…’ just play football’…he sounds very anxious to get going and by the looks of it should start…nice…very nice… This is beginning to look like a ‘shut-down’ secondary… :thup: :rockin:

Can't wait for my Ticats to silence all of these Bomber mouthpieces during the regular season.

Which season would that be in 2030 :lol:

LOL...thanks dude...that laugh made my day...

Yes that laugh certainly made my day..... on in two, shouldn't you be on the Argo's thread talking trash? seeing as the Cats and The Argo's will be fighting for 3RD in the East. The only thing going to be silent is your offense when you play us, oh and i can see Ivor Whine Stadium being pretty silent when we roll into that dump you call a city a steamroll the Cats!!

Yes, I'm sure the Ticat offence is shaking in its boots after the STARTING WINNIPEG D couldn't get a sack during the ENTIRE FIRST HALF of the first exhibition game.

Doug Brown should write his next column on how he and his fellow linemates got manhandled by Hage's boys.