Lenny Walls Released

Now Lenny released ?

Kavis Reed is gonna be a hit this season.

i cant believe this.... im quickly starting to form a very negative opinion of this new regime

What next, they ban the Tom Petty song from the locker room?

Let's keep in mind this was a twitter, but I suspect it will be confirmed soon enough.

Maybe we can use him to replace Eddie Davis. He wasn't bad for you guys, was he?

Careful artie, this one hurts.

I'm not trying to be a dick...although if I do say that Tom Petty thing was comedic gold...but anyway, I don't follow your team closely enough to know much about this guy, other than that he came over from Calgary, and his stats looked okay last year. Is he a halfback or a corner?

a half, I considerd him our best... out of a very good secondary no less. him and frazier would be the best HB combo in the league

Pretty clear to me were going to have another 5-13 rebuilding season

With Kavis Reed as our DC i thought we would be alright since we had good players... but now not not so much... whats next, Trading Jovon?

we are supposed to be trying to improve our offence to match our defence, not wreck our defence to match our offence... I have no idea what they are thinking...

This one sure is a puzzler. . . with Walls and Hefney the Bombers had one of the best, if not THE best, HB tandems in the league last season. . .

Silver linings, anyone?

At the end of 2008, Montreal had Chip Cox and Randee Drew at HB. . . in 2009 Drew was injured and Cox was moved to LB. At that point had anyone heard of Jerald Brown or Billy Parker? Very, very few I would suggest.

But those 2 guys played so well that when Drew recovered, he had no job and was shipped out to Edmonton.

So yes, at this point it looks bad losing both Hefney and Walls. . . but maybe Mack has 2 studs coming in who will make them forgettable. . . one can but hope.

The release of Lenny and Gavin is looking more and more like just salary dump.

I thought Lenny Walls played very well last season. Kelly must have signed him to a ridiculous contract. Hope my Ticats pick him up.

I expect somebody will pick him up. . . he can play, and since most CFL teams' premier receivers are slotbacks and not wideouts, the HB spot is arguably the most important in a secondary. . .

Hmmmm, somebody better get Brendan on the Bat Phone......

what an understatement by the coach with his statement... man they have some explaining to do

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

I have a feeling there will be more reported on this soon as to whether it was a salary dump or whether Walls asked to be released because of a late offer from south of the border or whatever. I don't think we should jump to conclusions since we have no information to go on.

...It was no secret L.Walls wanted to explore opportunities in the nfl.....maybe someone came knocking and he asked for his release....The way our league bends over backwards, for that bloody league down south, to accomodate everyone and every whim,except the fans of the CFL...i wouldn;t be a bit surprised....It could be becasue of money??....who the hell knows what Kelly and company were up to....END RESULT.....we are now minus two very good dbs. Someone on the Bombers better have some bloody good answers or replacements....cuz the natives are getting po'd and gawdamn restless... :thdn: :twisted:

i agree. he's either got an offer from the NFL or kelly paid him way too much last year.. think about it, the guy held out at camp last year, for all we know kelly paid him 200,000 last season. Or he had a huge bonus coming up that might have crippled the bombers. My guess is we are closer to the cap then people think. March 1st seems to be this bonus day, lots of teams have released players, bc released glover who i thought played well last season. Oh well... good luck lenny and if u do come back, try not to cripple the team with your salary demands.

oh and most bomber fans probably could care less, fact is we were 7-11 last year, not good enough.

kelly ripped apart an 8-10 team, why cant mack and lapo do the same to a team that was worse.

natives are restless? LOL... maaaan really? its febuary and like 10 people on message boards are upset.. wah wah wah.

....well if you think this is going to go over well with the rest of the 22,000 fans...then i suggest you don't know Wpg. Blue Bomber fans...and i can guarantee if you think this isn't a move that will/has rasied the eyebrows of more than a few of the paying faithful....then you're sadly mistaken my friend.... :thdn:

ur a clown buddy. i think most bomber fans realize its febuary and obviously theres other reasons why he was released. HE WAS OBVIOUSLY making too much money or he wanted to go to the NFL, what are u gonna say when it turns out lenny aksed for his release to sign with an NFL team?

jumping to conclusions lol, maaan seriously u think ppl give a crap in febuary? really? like seriously?

ppl are more concerned with the snow melting

what dont u get

last year we were 7-11, the year b4 8-10.. the year we were 8-10 a new guy came in and cleaned house, what do u expect the guys who took over the 7-11 team to do? just sit by and hope? like really.. have some faith or like just stop bringing such a negative attitude on here. stadium holds 30,000.. u can say all u want but guess what... most of em could care less. MOST BOMBER fans could care less, itts the small vocal minority that whines and bitches about everything. U obviously are a part of that group of fans. Eventho u dont live here right and are a ticat fan?right? yeah ha. GET OVER YOURSELF.

....look ...Jerry Lee.......knock off the name-calling crap.....Who the hell cares what month it is.....Most teams have started buliding for 2010 ...in case you didn;t notice....IF there is a VERY good reason we didn't hang-on to a very good db....then fine....All i've read is a few words saying thanks Lenny see ya later....'Right now' it looks like a reggressive step....and you don't find the calibre of a Lenny Walls hiding under rocks....It's perfectly reasonable for anyone concerned with the Bombers to question this move......you don't want to ...your preogative :wink: