Lenny Walls and Boreham released

Most of last season? He only played 5 games before he was hurt and spent the rest of the season on the 9 game. He was one of the Esks best players when he played.

His injury is the only reason I can think of for them waiting until now to release him - sort of a pre-emptive release like they did with Jesse Lumsden when they said he wouldn't have been able to pass a physical. If that's the case, it makes me wonder what the heck kind of leg injury?

If it was a cap thing, I think Tillman would have released him when he did his SMS purge earlier this year.

I'm just gonna say it... I think DM put a hex on the whole club after he was fired.

....I know what you mean.....Everytime i see the Bomber train going off the track i see a bald-headed figure in the background muttering stuff like ....' what part of being dealt with internally don't you understand"....I thought he said internally ...maybe he meant eternally :roll:

Rider_Stonson at RiderFans posted that Boreham had a recent injury which gave the Esks cold feet about keeping him.