Lenny Walls and Boreham released

.....It seems the esks. aren't fooling around with their re-build....Dumping a high salary in Walls.,,,,and Boreham never even got off the ground...Tilman is really starting from scratch :roll:

I love Boreham. I sure hope he’s healthy.

Maybe not the best pure leg, but still a darn good leg, but he has ALL the intangibles - athletic and very VERY smart punter. Gamer. Team player.

Love Boreham.

Take my criticisms of the Ticats from the DeAngelis thread and apply them here. This is not the way to treat a vet.

So does clearing out Boreham mean the Esks might go after DeAngelis or are they sticking with just Schiavone and Sakoda?

Walls to Hamilton, an impact veteran DB is just what we need right now.And DeAngelis to Edmonton.

I don't think ET would bring in Deangolis. If he's rebuilding he's rebuilding. Boreham may end up back in sask to kick or punt if Congi isn't ready to rock yet. Just a guess...

DeAngelis might be able to recover his game, and if you're intent on going with N/I kickers then DeAngelis might be just the guy for them.

I think the Esks will stick with Schiavone and Sakoda; that being said they also have Punter Bodnar on the roster as well. Still another week to go before TC so anything can still happen. Mind you, Sandro DeAngelis could very well show up in Training Camp somewhere.

This is just downright bizarre.

ET signs Boreham as a free agent in April 2011, and then the next month, he releases him.

What was the point of all that ????

this makes no sence :? I sure hope he has a game plan.

I think the point is another kicker is gonna be signed…late of hamilton.

Did Boreham ask for his release?
It seems odd to sign a player during the off-season only to cut him a week before training camp.
Although, the esks have a nearly full training camp roster. You can only bring a certain amount of bodies. It's possible plans changed due to that restriction, thus no room for all those kicker/punters.

Just for my own peace of mind, we fired DM, right? :expressionless:

Could see both of those happening. Per Drew Edwards Scratching post blog the Ticats have been looking for a bigger DB and at 6'4" Walls fits the bill. Not sure if he fits in with whatever cap room they have left. And DeAngelis would help explain the Boreham move and Edm would be familiar with his work over the years. I don't think the boreham cut would be a rebuilding move. I can understand rebuilding and cost cutting with regards to all the roster spots except kicker and punter. They don't usually break the bank unless you have an import in that spot and if they're good they can have a long career and last through several rebuilds.

In years past, kickers didn’t move around a whole lot. Is it just me or are kickers moving every year or two now?

It's kinda not lookin' so much like that right now, though, is it? It's a little odd...

A tweet from Madani:

On a side note, the #Eskimos gave Jamie Boreham $5,000 to sign earlier this spring. Like Kamau Peterson and Kelly Bates, a 2011 #CFL cap hit
Should we start taking bets on whether the Esks will go over the cap this year?


Do you really think coaching staff did not review/look at Boreham at the kingsmen field house .Then decided they have better already?? Lenny Walls average most of last season but I would have give him a chance at camp or is he fully recovered from injury and yet to be pickup later in season ??? With all the players trying out for each team there has to be a game plan!!!!

Boy…if this is true…then I’m outta line for being too supportive of ET.

what other line of work would you be given a pass if you hired an employee, paid him an intial bonus, then fired him before thefirst day of work.

again…if this is factual.

i got a tweet today that the sun was gonna shine too. So not true.

Like I said. it's truly bizarre.

But not so unusual, things like this have happened in this league in the past (not that I understood it then, either).

Example; in an offseason, Montreal traded Richard Karikari to Toronto for Keith Stokes.

Before training camp, Toronto released Karikari, and Montreal released Stokes.

So what was the point of the trade? I have no idea, just as I have no idea why ET would sign Boreham one month and then release him the next month. Weird.