Lenny Walls a Bomber

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INNIPEG — Fresh on the heals of a trade for defensive end Fred Perry, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have announced another deal giving them Winnipeg-born linebacker Neil Ternovatsky and defensive back Lenny Walls.

The Bombers sent defensive back Kelly Malveaux to the Edmonton Eskimos for Perry and then immediately backfilled their secondary by obtaining Walls and Ternovatsky from the Calgary Stampeders.

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Kelly Malveaux with his son Seneca. (KEN GIGLIOTTI / FREE PRESS ARCHIVES)
The Blue Bombers have given Calgary a conditional draft pick in exchange for the two defenders.

Walls saw action in 10 games for the Stamps last season and did most of his damage as a special teams player racking up 964 all-purpose yards.

Ternovatsky saw action in nine regular season games with Calgary last year making one defensive tackle and five special teams tackles.

Earlier Bombers head coach Mike Kelly praised the play of Perry.

"Last season in Edmonton, I watched (Perry) put great effort into his play," said Kelly.

"Over the last three seasons Cam Wake, Gavin Walls, and Fred Perry have been at the top of the quarterback sacks category in the CFL. Wake is now playing in the NFL and the other two are playing in Blue and Gold."

The nine-year veteran Malveaux had 63 tackles, two interceptions and a sack for the Bombers last season.

Perry, also a nine-year vet, appeared in seven games with the Esks last year registering just one sack and 17 tackles.

Perry has collected 57 sacks and 345 tackles in 96 career regular season games, eight career playoff games. Perry was a Grey Cup winner with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2007

...Man these changes are coming fast and furious.....we should get some kind of award at the end of the year at least for player movement...and i did say player.... not bowel..... This Walls guy is a Browner-type....lots of height and apparently as good....The other signing ..Tretsvatsky....could show well at tc and a Wpg. product to boot....we will see :roll:

Two more draft picks...That second rounder in a year where Hamilton gave up its first pick for Carlson could very well be the 8th. pick overall in effect a first rounder. For a nobody... Shocking really.

He may be a nobody to us, but Murphy and Huffnagel were both pretty high on the kid. This is from somebody in the know,

The Bombers just got a heck of a football player in Lenny Walls!! He is a Brandon Browner clone ... but BETTER! He beat out Browner head to head while they were both in Denver .... then beat out Julian Battle head to head while in Kanas City. He's an all-star calibre player, he will be an eastern all-star ...health permitting!

Can't wait for Quinton Porter and Prechae Rodriguez to light this very thin, untested Bomber secondary up, like a Victoria Day firecracker show.

The Bombers will be shellacked through the air multiple times in 2009.

Keep digging there sport, I have a feeling that by Labor Day you and your Cats will be off the radar again.

Walls is actually a lot older than I thought, spent 4 years with the Broncos and 3 with KC, STL and Baltimore. 64 games of NFL experience, nice.

I'll take that ! Better then being out of it before Natal day...

So we can officially record that as your preseason prediction, nice.

Still dickin around with this guys contract, good thing we gave up a draft pick for him. :roll:

...i don't know what the hold-up is.....maybe he wants Cory Mace type dough like in the hammer.....so-long if that;s the case... :thdn:

Yes, I can sure visualize Kelly telling him where to get off if that's the kind of money he's seeking..............

With all the DB's we have stepping up this year, he better get here soon or he may find himself in real tough to make this team

If he's played 64 games in the NFL. He can't be playing for the money, he would have been making at least 300k a season for most of his time in the NFL....this is weird. Maybe he's not interested in playing in Winnipeg?

Walls will get his money after game three of the regualr season. By then, the burn unit will be filled with Bomber DB's.