Lenny Kravitz to Play at Halftime

Like to hear thoughts on this. I am a big "Lenny" fan and definiatly spark alot of American interest but torn between big name halftime show and publicity it will get to not having a Canadian act. Brilliance or sell out????

I hadn't heard they were getting Lenny Kravitz. He is a much better choice than the Black Eye Peas. The Super Bowl wasn't criticized when they got Sir Paul McCartney to play at halftime. And he isn't American. I don't think it should matter that Kravitz isn't Canadian.

About half the players are American anyways so no, whatever. I like American Woman from the Guess Who and how he did that.

much better then the Black Eyed Peas. Most people i'm sure would rather have a home grown act but when you get a talented act like this how can you turn it down. Things have gotten a lot better for half time enterainment since Grey Cup 96 at Ivor Wynne.

this is great news. now i dont have to worry about missing a great halftime show while i'm in line for a pee.

i hope lenny plays the following:

are you gonna go my way
always on the run
rock and roll is dead

Lenny is keeping in the recent tradition of international acts playing the half. I'm not a huge Lenny fan, but this kind of publicity can do absolutely NO harm to the show.


I loved that book! Mordecai Richler was a great author. And in the movie, Richard Dreyfus did a great job in the title role. And ...

Oh... LENNY Kravitz!

What was wrong with the Nylons?

Doesn't really matter--they only play a couple or three extended songs.

An Argo-Cat fan



Faith Hill.

All three. In any order.

Why are We Hiring US Acts to headline the grey cup.

A Canadian Should be Headlining it
How about Rush Barenaked Ladies Great Big Sea The Tea Party The Tragically Hip Sloan I Mother Earth Matthew Good Band Our Lady Peace ect ect ect

There are Plenty of Great Canadian Acts.
Why are we going American.
Shame on Toronto Grey Cup organizing Team

There are alot of great acts that happen to be Canadian, there are also alot that are American. Shaming the organizers is awfully extreme?!? They are trying to make the game and the show more attractive to MORE people. What's wrong with that?

Oh come on!! Fergie?? Gimme a break. The girl has a face like a can of worms. :wink:

Now Faith I can get on board with. Not only is she a good singer, but she might bring Tim for a guest appearance. :smiley:

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Not gonna work.

I'm smitten. :stuck_out_tongue:

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There is no half time act better than the racing dogs or maybe the parachute team.

The half time act is being directed toward the casual fan or non-fan.

Thanks for that imagry BG. I knew eating lunch while reading these boards was going to come back to haunt me some day. LOL!

Anything I can do to help. LMAO :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Fergie was good in Planet Terror.