LENNY HILSON for Pigskin Pete

I think my buddy LENNY HILSON would be an amazing replacement for Pigskin Pete and if you know who he is I am sure you will agree...the rest of you will probably be saying who is this LENNY guy?

Lenny has been a Cats fan for as long as I have know him (near 20 years or so) and I know he was a Cats fan before that too! He would fit the bill perfectly.

He has had an entire section of Copps chanting his name while he danced in the aisle. He started an Oskee Wee Wee at the Saskatchewan Party in Ottawa during Grey Cup. These are just 2 things amongst many that he has done over the years to prove he could be Pigskin Pete...I think LENNY HILSON should be the new Pigskin Pete!

I second the nomination

I say I should be, I have been going to games for 20 years + and I broke into an oskee wee wee in my church when I was eleve, I havnt missed a game in 4 years I get the crowd going in whatever section im in! I also belive in traditon and I have met Paul and found out the history behind this! cheers and I'm sure Lenny would be great too but I know I have the dedication not only for the games but to go out into the community and do events!


okay okay...I am sure there is going to be a bunch of people who feel they, or someone they know, should be the new Pigskin Pete.

I think the Cats brass should have some sort of competition like a Pigskin Pete (dare I say it) Idol type deal. They can have auditions and select the best few and have the fans vote to see who the next Pete will be...

Whadda'ya say?

I think the Cats brass should have some sort of competition like a Pigskin Pete (dare I say it) Idol type deal.
I believe that's their plan...since they said Paul would be in on the selection of his replacement.




My vote goes to Lenny! I'm looking forward to the search for the new Pigskin Pete. This will blow Rock Star and American Idol right out of the water!!!

If Rev is on board, then Lenny has my vote too :smiley:

What is he doing with his zipper?


Yeah, what the heck IS he doing with his zipper. lol.

The name is PIGskin Pete. :wink:

The name is PIGskin Pete.
Too funny.

This one's for "Letch :wink: and could warrant a deletion, but I was worried Lennie was going for pigSKIN Pete :roll: :roll: :roll:

thanks and I thought I'd have ur vote!! after our train trip when I steped on ur leg and the black n gold game cmon! I think lenny is great I ve seen him and he's seen me!! but I think I'd be a good pig skin!

Just trying to figure out when that background picture would have been taken... argo game, gold pants... hmmmmmmm

it was around 2001 or so, i can't remember when i took it but that is the ballpark, i do beleive it was labourday

Careful, you're going to give people the wrong idea about us :lol: By "our" train trip he means the Montreal train trip and an "accidental" kick :wink: I'm sure you'd make a fine Pigskin, but I have to try and get on Rev's good side. :smiley:


What is he pointing to in the picture?

I think there is NO replacing Pigskin Pete, and we should not try.
There is only one Pigskin.

If they want to film Pete, and put him on our big screen a few times a game...cool!
If somoene wants to dress up like a gopher like in Sask. or have the Tigerlady come on the field a couple of times a game, or the guy in the Cat in the hat get-up do a little dance I would be all for it but DO NOT TRY TO REPLACE THE LEGEND with a wanna be Pete :thup: :thup: :thup:

i love quoting myself.

Let the whole "Pigskin Pete" persona go away! Move on people.