Length of practice

Is it just me or do you think that a 1 hour a day practice seem a little on the short side of becoming a better team.
I know there's time spent watching game film etc.. but considering how they look on the field , it doesn't look like much of that is happening either.

Perhaps it's just me. :frowning:

I assumed it would've been longer than an hour... 2 minimum.
Where did you find this out?

I have not been to a pratice for a very long time but the length out on the field varied from day to day .

I watched 2 , two weeks ago.
From 11am till noon.

They Change Depending on when The Game is Taking Place..
if the Game is on Sat.

It's Normally The Following:

Then Monday & Tuesday it about 2 Hrs
Thursday & Friday it about an Hour..

The CFL PA has Rules on When You can Practice and how Long they Can be..

remember each day they are in meetings for a couple hours aswell...