Lenght of Games

Is it just me or are the games simply too long since TSN has the monopoly on the CFL? Furthermore, the CFL has completely ignored the paying customers who go to games to support their respective teams just to please TSN. I believe that the product on the field is good enough to sell itself. Why should a game be held at 5 pm in Regina - the stadium was built for early afternoon games. Late afternoon games have shadows that make it hard for the players which affects the play on the field. Any comments

TSN being the only broadcaster gives the league slots to fit their games into. They need three hours to do a game. If there are two games a night, one game must start earlier, if they are both in the West. TSN has a lot of other stuff on their plate that may take precident (sp?) Nascar, MLB etc.) Frankly, I like the games being at night. Once I get home from work I can still catch both games.

What did the same guy that built Stonehendge build Taylor Field? Is it really designed for one day of the year?

Sorry but this is silly, the shadow is going to be very different in June than it is in November!

If it wasn't for TSN, the cfl would have been a distant memory by now. Nobody forces them to broadcast every game, but they do. CBC couldn't be bothered to broadcast a full season. They started their broadcast schedule in SEPT. Every CFL fan should be very thankful for TSN's commitment to the cfl. Don't forget TSN also broadcasts NHL,MLB,NBA and NFL , so consider yourself lucky you get to watch that 5 pm game with shadows. I would think the beer cans that get tossed from the stands now and then may affect the on field product more than shadows.
Suitor and Black could be reassigned to to 5 pin bowling !

I'm not sure thats worth bringing up again Kasps. I mean ya it happened but that was last year and lets move on.

I'm not sure the CFL would be a distant memory but TSN has done a great job overall and
the CFL has certainly benefited.

Hello GoRiders

It's not just you. I made the same complaint last season and was told by other posters that it was all in my head.

Prior to TSN taking over, a typical game was between 2.25 and 2.5 hours. Milking as much from ads as possible a "short" game is 3 hours. Sometimes, as last week, the game can run to almost 3.5 hours. Not as bad as NCAA (5hrs) but bad enough. What's worse, the extra time outs have made going to games a tedium with ads blaring in your ears after every play and more ads on the 'tron. With even more ads ringing the field and preventing access we can't even enjoy the cheerleaders anymore.

When I was a kid we could attend a 7PM start and be home by 9:30. My parents complained when the games stretched past 2 hrs. Games have been getting progressively longer and I can see a point in the near future where 3.5 hrs is the norm and fans finally stay away permanently, unless the league opts for cheap beer.

I know that revenue is required. All those who crap on the CBC should know that prior to the Mulroney years the CBC had a budget large enough to channel money to the league by overpaying for broadcast rights. In this way there was a federal subsidy and no one complained. Now of course the only revenue source is advertising as the rights don't fetch a hill of beans. It used to be all about putting bums in the seats, now it's about putting suckers in the seats and messing with thier minds.

The games that lasted significantly less than 3 hours were the non-televised ones. Are you promoting going back to that?

  1. A federal subsidy that allows a taxpayer funded television station to outbid the private sector for sports programming is ridiculous, and should never occur.

Sorry Artie, but you're wrong on the broadcast thingy. Radio and TV shared time-outs so even if the game was not televised there were still commercial breaks. During those breaks you could enjoy the cheerleaders, watch the mascots, or just dance to the music. Not any more.

At the time when CBC shot money in the back door there was only CTV as alternate broadcaster. CTV did what CBC did over the last few years and bought out a package of games from CBC. And, just so everyone knows, the CBC gave away those rights at a loss so, in effect, were subsidizing the private network. If you recall, with the loss of a big CBC contract the league went into a tail-spin financially and the play suffered tremendously. Only a few teams could afford real talent so so-long Ottawa, thanks for showing up Saskatchewan, and you'll do OK Hamilton. If it weren't for the CBC the league would have folded in the '70s. And, CBC coverage beat CTV's in every way. Do you know that the CBC developed most of the broadcast techniques in use today? They were the first (ahead of US coverage) with instant replay, the first to use multiple camera angles, and they created the tele-strator.

So, if Mulroney had not decided to take revenge on the CBC the salary cap would be higher, the games would be shorter, and we could watch cheerleaders.

Yes, radio and TV shared time outs, but non-televised games had fewer of them. Pre-season games today are shorter than regular season for that very reason.

I remember going to Rider games in the 80's, and non-televised games were 20-30 minutes shorter than televised ones.

CBC may have been a broadcast pioneer in some bygone era, and they may well have benefitted the CFL at some point in the past as well. If so, fine. But they're not necessary any more. And, by the time CBC left the CFL, their coverage of the game was a travesty.

So, would I like 2:45 games? Yes. But I'll take what we have now for a million years before going back to the CBC.