Lend Your Support to the CFL's Return to Ottawa!


There's going to be a rally in support of the proposal to redevelop Lansdowne Park into a multi-use sports and entertainment destination. If you CAN attend the rally, please stand up and me counted. If you CANNOT attend, perhaps you wouldn't mind lending your support with an online message at the following site:

[url=http://www.wix.com/alisoncomrie/Support-Lansdowne?wixComputerID=5VYEqkxRKGB1DWJ6bnNaZ5HlmHyHGJHhJIZ%2FvRrBrNqms%2FwSLXzqo2Kr4MxXAUor6%2FrmC04DWkY0TYXB6SJyJA%3D%3D&partner_id=WMGs4POB1ko-a&wsess=&orgDocID=QnmmMu2Yx0c-a&experiment_id=empty&gu_id=f722361d-21ae-4f7e-9659-cea80a196fbf]http://www.wix.com/alisoncomrie/Support ... a80a196fbf[/url]

It's TIME!

Supporters, it's time to show our support in a very REAL way!

Come out to Lansdowne Park on Sunday, June 27th at 1PM for a rally to let your voice be heard on the eve of this critical vote by Ottawa City Council.

Bring your kids! Bring your dogs! Bring your team spirit and wear your team colours!

If you can't make it out in person, please send a message to City Council by filling out the handy form over here.

There's also this

[url=http://ev10.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetEventList?groupCode=CFL&linkID=ottawa67&shopperContext=&caller=&appCode=]http://ev10.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerc ... =&appCode=[/url]

I'm there!!! :cowboy:

Best of luck in Ottawa with this, Ottawa deserves to have a team with some solid ownership and the CFL is poorer off as a league without an Ottawa team. :thup:

I supported that and sent in my email demanding a CFL team back to Ottawa.