Lemonade anyone?

I get tired of saying it, "The opposition didn't win it, the Lions lost it!"

My my my..... poor Wally must want to pull out his hair. The Lions did just about everything right to win and made enough mistakes to lose the game.

Can't wait to see Lulay in there for another chance at QB. Great playing by Robertson. Elimimian is a keeper. Why does McCallum keep having those brain cramps, lol when he punts the ball?

If there is a way for the Lions to find a way to lose a game that is in the bag they find it. All in all I think Lulay was great over all. Did the Lions deserve to win? Yep! Could they have won? Yep! Should they have won? You bet!

They will be better next game. Wait and see. :wink:

Has anyone noticed that more games this year have been lost by the losing team, than won by the winners? Mistakes are a common mantra this year, and no team is exempt. Keep cheering for your team, even when they mess up. No team is playing well enough to run away with the division. Be patient!!

I wasn't at all impressed with Lulay, even before he threw the 2 picks.
Better teams than the Argos would have torn him apart.

That’s possible 1681. He certainly couldn’t handle Saskatchewan when he went in for Printers a few weeks ago. But you gotta admit the D was on the other night and the O played well enough to win [IMHO]. The Lions need to get the points any way they can and not squander their opportunities. They did last night and against Montreal last week.

travis is in good company. Durant didnt look so good tonight. Last weeks player of the week didnt look so good on thursday. The mighty ricky ray didnt look so good today. Burris had a bad week last week.

Hell, even doug flutie didnt exactly light up the league his first season here.

Travis will do well if fans and coaches dont give up on him. Pretty sure the coaches wont.

Travis actually played steller in the first half but TO does have a good D and made some adjustments at the half. Up to Chaps to make the changes needed but like in Edmonton he was unable to and got beat again by the Opposing DC.

He did play very well. I think Lulay will do very well if given the chance. Like someone else pointed out, Lulay played with authority and confidence. He went onto the field like he owned it. It's too bad there were key drops and fumbles that killed what could have turned out to be a great start to his debut as starting QB.

Chapdelaine has gotta go. No imagination for the offense, too predictable. Joe Kapp, Doug Flutie and Roy Dewalt would have difficulties under Chapdelaine.