Lemon to the Lions

Per Dunk

No real details as of yet

Three Down Nation with more on the potential trade in the link below.


"And the beat goes on."

Does anyone know if BC is sending something more than an 8th round draft choice back to Tor or is this just more of the Marshall plan to help the struggling ?

Apparently a negotiation list player going to the Argonauts.

Not even a starter in the league or a player under contract!

Well, it's the first time I've seen the Argos help another team. Lord knows they've received enough over the years. No surprise to me that it is BC they helped.
Like the Ricky Ray joke, I think the league is hoping we will all forget the last few days when it is GC time. Maybe they can top off the year with Mont winning the Cup. Wouldn't that be nice. ::slight_smile:

I would say this is the Argos getting fed up with paying well for a player that has done nothing since Butler's departure and desires to be a me first pass rush only ears back DE and not do other assignments.

And of course BC is quite happy to accept that attitude.

They essentially traded nothing for him...so yeah. They get sick of him and it is "see ya" and it really doesn't hurt them. Futures is a kick in the knads to Lemon