Lemon now a Red Black

I guess Ottawa scooped him up after being cut from SF. Too bad we didn't get him. I know we have Hall and Chick but lets face it the D line has not been great this year. Not blaming it all on Hall or Chick but this guy is pretty darn good. Although if it came down to him or Jones then Jones wins out in my opinion.

Glad he didn't go back to the Stamps. Looks good on them to have players return to the CFL and sign elsewhere.

Speaking of Jones does the change in GM now handicap the Riders chances of getting him?

Likely improves the odds...more from the HC move though. Despite downfalls, players like BT...he treats guys well. Example...lots of teams in camp, when a guy is cut, he finds out from a guy with a list...especially new guys. BT talks to each himself. He also is willing to look beyond the game and guide players. BT is a good man.

I actually think BT got the shaft on this one big time. Yes he made some bad moves and yes he could have done some things better, the biggest mistake I think he made was giving Cory too much rope and he got hung along with Cory. I mean if the rumors are true and he wanted Cory sacked before the Toronto game but that got squashed for whatever reason then obviously he knew things were not good and something had to be done. So this whole idea that they were tied at the hip may not be quite as true. No doubt he wanted to give Cory every possible chance as he was the one to bring him in. That said he must have realize that things were beyond hope with Cory and that is when he decided to pull the trigger. If they had gone ahead with that then I doubt BT would be gone until the end of the season at least. So basically he was made the fall guy for hiring Cory in the first place and despite him admitting Cory was running amuck and should be replaced they say nope, Cory is our guy and 3 weeks later sack him and BT all in one shot.

That to me is getting the shaft for trying to do what was the right thing and replace Cory when he wanted to. Talk about irony.

He let his coach walk all over him, lost picks, and let canadian depth get too low. That overshadowed the good he did.

Yes as I mentioned he made some mistakes but realisticlly would he have been sacke mid season if Cory would have been gone after he first brought it? I doubt it. Sure at the end of the season the other issues may have cost him his job but it seems like he is on the hook for Cory and that is why they let him go .

Probably not...but that is the price you pay when the board pushes for a dismissal and you talk them out of it and back said person...when you change you mind a few weeks later your fate has pretty much already been sealed.

BT deserved to get juiced............plain and simple. Depop has the inside track on lots of information. And I can see how BT was convinced by CC to stay with vets and make some moves.

But the Emry trade.............losing Foley and adandoning our depth as National at DE was bad...........but especially bad when they decided we are now National at Mac but we don't have a competent National backup...........but don't worry cause Emry is a stud. We learned last year when DD went down when you don't have a plan B. We had a plan B at Mac in Sam Hurl but they let him go! Sam had a good opportunity to start elsewhere and you will have a hard time retaining those guys.........but they had no plan B.

They also traded for damaged goods. Essentially we gave Foley away. Our young LB'ers really need a helper coach out there! Knowx and Doughty are learning all on their own now.

We'll take Watman over Jones???????????? I remember CC saying I like Watman cause he swore in the meetings????? That is great...........but 3rd yr in and he is not starting? That was a 1st rounder. First rounders' need to be on roster day 1 just like Nic Demski. Yes BT made some positive moves but there are plenty of bad ones to make things even out. And when it evens out you end up at 0-9.

I predict Taman won't see a GM job for 3-4 yrs at least. He'll be scouting somewhere?

The Foley deal everyone thought wow, we got younger, great Mac.........but I said right away who will replace him Emry if he goes down. We likely never see Shea play again.

BT did not need a lot of push from CC about vets because he himself is a vet guy. BT has not built a team organically ever. He's chased FA's and traded away draft choices to do it. He has never built a sustainable quality football team. He has built contenders but the next year those teams have fallen from grace. The Stamps are showing that it can be done.

Speaking of Jones I guess he is on the IR for the Giants so that leaves that up in the air as far as getting him. I see Duron Carter has been cut. Any interest or too much coin for a receiver? Good deep threat man but I imagine Montreal will be making a healthy offer to get him back. Marcus Ball (DB) and Jalil Carter (CB) are on the market. Potential upgrades to the defensive backfield or damaged goods?

They would have to choose between Carter and Dressler likely...Can't have both those price tags, ESPECIALLY if they renew Getz for around 140 next year. That said, I think Carter gets another look elsewhere.

If it came down to keeping Getz or getting Carter sorry Getz the team needs to get younger. Love Getz but he is getting banged up more and more every year. Comes a time that you have to make the tough choices.

well, Getz's contract will be going down huge next year, if he is retained. More than Carter, I would be going after Muamba at MLB...bring in a NI at spot you can front load a contact to save on the books for the next couple of seasons. with MLB being such an issue...go for it.

As for Carter...I like the idea, but money needs to be sunk into a MLB and an OL guy and other Nationals. the receivers are not the present concern, as much as he would be a massive signing who does he displace here and now?

Who does he replace in the here and now? As I said Getz, and if it is as you suggest either Smith or Dressler must go then that would have to be decided.
I like Smith and yes he shows potential to be Dressler's replacement but that being said he has been all but invisible for more then a few games. So is it wise to move one of the most popular and productive receivers we have without some more concrete evidence that his replacement is in fact just that, his replacement? He Smith proves he can be as reliable and as effective as Dressler then as hard as it would be he may have to go. It is a pity to think someone he paid and welcomed back as royalty would be escorted out just as fast. The real shame in all of this is that we have not had the opportunity to see Dressler shine on a constant basis as he did before he left. That is nothing on him but everything to do with Durant going down last year and things being so inconsistent as far as who is qb this year. It would have been nice to see him go in a high note with the team instead of what has happened in the last two seasons.

so you replace a National with an International? What National then replaces an international as a starter then? Really, you would have to dump Roosevelt/Wilson dressing. Other options would be Smith or Dressler.

Oh...and Jones can be taken off the books for 2015...he is out for a couple months

Fine lets scratch Carter... Lol even potential players (Jones) are injured. Just friggen unreal. :roll:

Oh hey...I agree Carter would be a massive pickup...don't get me wrong...just know that it would likely mean the departure of one or both of those guys and realistically one of the the short fries.I've said it before....love both those guys, but having 2 x 5-7 receivers on the field at the same time...idunno

Yah but both those 5'7" receivers seldom miss a catch when thrown their way!! They have a way of finding that open spot!

Still I understand Depop’s point of not having two receivers that are almost clones, no offense to either Dressler or Smith, but they have the same build, the same, abilities(it appears so anyways) and are both pretty darn popular ( still give the edge to Dressler on that one) so realistically does it make sense to have almost twins on the the team when we could use a taller, bigger receiver to balance the two characteristics? Take for instance Rogers on that jump ball in the end zone( sorry I had to bring that up) I doubt either Dressler or Smith get it simply because of that height and jumping capabilities. Yes in a perfect world we would be able to keep both but in the cap area is it realistically viable to do so?

My biggest concerns is we dump Dressler and then Smith either fizzles out( as I said he has been a ghost in the last while) or he gets banged up a lot then we have moved one of the most popular and talented players on the team and got bupkis. That wouldn’t go over so well either. Dressler I think is also pretty popular with his teammates but I have no hard evidence on that either way so we would also be losing one of our leaders like Foley was and right now the team needs leaders on and off the field. That is another reason for my hesitation on pulling that trigger.

Sure they're 5'7 but neither plays like 5'7. I just don't see the issue in retaining both. All other import receivers on the roster are low salary (except maybe Jamel).

Other teams manage to do it. If you take Green's Stamps' and Lewis' salary added together it probably equals double Dressler, and I would not pay 2Smith Dressler money.