Lemon comes up big with two sacks as Als advance to Eastern Final

MONTREAL — Shawn Lemon knew exactly what he had to do coming into the Eastern Semi-Final against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

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The second Als’ touchdown was to Jake Harty, not Cole Spieker.

Poor Lemon. He gets no respect. He went unsigned for most of the season and now even when he’s the topic of discussion (this one) he’s upstaged by a misprint.


I still find it mind-boggling that he was sitting at home until Montreal reached out.

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No one had the salary cap to sign him . Even the Als with their slim pickings during free agency needed to get half the season under their belt before they could sign him for what he was asking per game

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Before the game Shawn was asked which QB he’d rather go up against. He said it didn’t matter , he’d sack both of them And he did


Fantastic game Shawn!
Thank you:).

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Edwards continues to be a major piece of crap.