Lemon asks for trade??

Just read somewhere lemon has asked to be traded, and Calgary is interested, there must be some big friction with lemon and maybe Jones... can anyone add!??

My guess would be tension developed on the field in the second half of training camp.

not shocking…his stock dropped fast and he knows he is #3 on the chart…and will likely become #4.

I am expecting probably 4+ moves over the next few days…there were a couple players who showed they probably don’t fit.

Funny Jones thought his value was apparently pretty high when he coughed up 85 K signing bonus. LMAO we could have kept Chick for probably that bonus hit. Dressler too. Oh right they only were more then happy to remain with the team but Jones was trying to save cap. Lets see 30 k cap hit on Price and 85k on Lemon neither player wants or wanted to be here.. Yeah that is managing the team and cap well. And fingers were pointed at Taman for throwing money away? Sorry but at least Taman signed players that wanted to play for us.

Don't get me wrong I'm more then happy that Taman is gone but for all that nailed him to the cross for peeing money away well Jones seems to be a pro at it also. Jones seems to be a penny wise but a pound foolish kind of guy. Keep this up Jonsie and the team will be bankrupt and have no players in no time.


These things are going to happen in year one of flipping a roster this much and building for more than here and now...if it happens in year 2...not acceptable.

Had Newsome been signed Lemon never gets that bonus. They needed some level of insurance at DE...Lemon was available and is a good player. They ended out picking up 2 players who are potentially better out of the gates...maybe even 3...can't really anticipate that happening. Lemon making 180 or whatever and starting with that 1st year bonus is steep but acceptable...receiving that every season like BT structured contracts is ridiculous.

Well I bet if they would have offered a one year deal like they did with Durant they would have probably bought in. Oh well water under the bridge but sorry Jones is not a rookie in the league so no free pass on these cap blunders. Lol any other GM would probably looking to see where the axe is coming from if they did this. So tired all ready of the excuses of oh you can expect this with a rebuild. Not in my books is it excusable and in fact it even makes it worse because this is money that could have been spent on better players in other positions. Jones though I guess walks on water so that makes it all right.

Last season our O was great ( except with smith) our ST played great, just our D sucked... this year all phases suck... time will tell I give 3 games... then the excusses are over we only needed a new D not a complete over haul!

They didn’t offer Durant a 1 year deal…they offered him a 2 year deal. Durant wanted the one year reduced contract. It was his way of making a statement…that he is back and ready and that he will earn that extra cash…here or somewhere else.

You can think that these types of things are not going to happen all you want…that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. IMO you are going to see mistakes/errors when turning over this volume of players…I don’t like it…but I anticipate increased F ups along the way this year. There shouldn’t be the same turnover next season (according to Jones and Murphy) so I wouldn’t expect them…they will have their core in place. If contracts like these happen for 2017 it is a concern. There have been lots of moves I was not a fan of…but the majority I have liked.

The way I look at a potential trade of Lemon is this…the signing bonus loss in the player sucks…obviously…and I am not a fan of these bonuses at all beyond a small token to show a level of commitment to the odd player here and there…they were all in on Lemon because the likelyhood of him getting displaced was pretty low…getting displaced 2 times over out of the gates is like getting hit by lightening. However…Lemon not starting or getting heavy rotations at this point is the same hit as trading him really…and may cause tensions worth moving away from. Put the best players on the field…that is what they are trying to do. I would rather lose some cap money and keep the best players around instead of retaining someone just because a money was given up front…seen teams including the Riders make this mistake in the past…live and learn…if nothing is learned from it…that is an issue.

For me…I am going to give leeway on stuff like this…same way I didn’t like Foley getting moved out but gave the benefit of doubt because at least it was an attempt to fill a void that they had struggled to…it is when they compound over multiple seasons and the bad moves outweigh the good that I start getting more concerned. Right now we see a foundation…hard to say what will compound and what will not…I tend to think more positives will than negative in the long run…but only time will tell.

It is too bad they didn’t land a top end NI DT…because Newsome/Leonard/Lemon and eventually Norwood would have been a beautiful combination. I like Caps, but would much rather see DT depth and using Import DEs rotating there. Had there been any way of realistically thinking this stock of DEs was going to be on the roster I don’t think Caps gets signed.

I tend to think that Lemon may be moved…I tend to think Knox might be a factor in a trade as well. Knox has pretty solid trade value…but the time he has missed and the play of Eguavoen might make it a steep hill to climb to get back in as a starter. They also have Newsome in the mix who can step in there along with a few other players in pinch time. They do need to find Francis a home that is NOT as a LB though.

What exactly are you referring to that has happened in the last 5 years? Well done.

What the frick are you talking about? IF your replying to depops post look at the date he posted it umm like July 1st. If your not again what the frick are you talking about?