Leko's CFL Picks: Predicts a Hamilton Victory

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Montreal at Hamilton: [i]In front of a hometown crowd, big things are expected from the Ticats to start the season. Look, the plan will be to put the ball in running back Jesse Lumsden's hands early and often and move quarterback Casey Printers around in the pocket. It's a simple plan, but it will be effective, I believe. The defence is improved and the big thing is the consistent kicking and punting from the uber-consistent Nick Setta.

Als go into this game with too many injuries and questions about the offensive line. I suspect Hamilton will be sending the house as often as possible because new co-ordinator Denny Creehan likes to use blitz packages - hey, the theme song for the defence should be Ballroom Blitz. This will force Montreal quarterback Anthony Calvillo to release the ball quickly, if he's able to at least get some protection.
And the winner is: Hamilton[/i]

i couldnt agree more :slight_smile:

My New Favorite Writer :smiley:

to quote C3P0" Where Doomed.."

Every Time he Picks us we lose..

Way to be optimistic Onknight, I think hes right :wink:

I'd love to see those predicted blitzes, expecially since Cahoon is not expected to play.

Normally, that quuick release pass to Cahoon is fatal to a blitz defence.

Sorry I Want to win But I Like being an Under Dog..

Catch them by Surprise

8) If you like his pick for the Cats to win, you should at least get his name right, it's LEFKO not Leko !!!!! :roll: