Leif Petterson

With all the retired CFL players out there, are we to believe that TSN and CBC can’t find ONE who knows football?

At the end of the Lions/Renegades game, Dickenson ran time off the clock, then knelt, and was subsequently clobbered by Keaton Cromartie. Petterson said he saw nothing wrong with what Cromartie did, because Dickenson could have knelt sooner.

Does he not know that once the QB kneels, you’re not allowed to hit him? The call was a good one…the decision to hire Petterson was not.

Give Neil Lumsden a call; for crying out loud, he couldn’t do any worse.

…I dunno Dave, DD had his knee down for,oh, like .35 of a second before Cromartie nailed him, that after 5 to 6 seconds scurrying around looking like an idiot trying to protect the ball…he didn’t need to kill time and I think the Gades took offense to that…

I agree R&W. And besides, when Cromartie hit him, that’s when the whistle went.

Yeah, I’m not sure on that one either. DD did leave the pocket, so I’m wondering, does he lose his privilege to take a knee at that point?

And as you mention R+W, it was a bang-bang play. That was a very close call.

All that said, Big Dave, I agree that Leif Petterson is terrible. You’d think that guy would have gotten at least a little bit better considering he’s been doing that job for so long. I think I’d prefer Suitor or “first-name” Flutie instead…Walby, I’m not so sure.

I do believe you can take a knee anywhere anytime.

he drives me nuts…and he does say the dumest thiings.

I just find that Petterson has a knack for “pointing out the blatantly obvious”. Part of why watching the Rider/Bomber game was so frustrating apart from my team’s shabby performance, was having to listen to Petterson belittle the Bombers all game long. He said everything berating you could have said without actually saying “this is truly a terrible football team”. I think the Suitor/Cuthbert combination is the best there is, in Canada at least, but I agree with the rest of you guys, the network needs to do something about Petterson and Rod Black.

Who was doing the Mtl Otta games last week?
This guys said at one point.

If Ottawa can score on this drive, have the Defence hold and thenscore again.
The momentum will have shifted
Well Duh!!!

I dont now, I think leif tells it like it is, I think he enjoys seeing the rough stuff and doesnt mind the occassional late hit. He likes to point out that football is a contact sport and not for crybabies, the rougher the better for old leif. I say he stays.

That was kind of a wierd play, no? Dickenson was trying to run more time down I suppose, but by backpeddaling instead of just dropping to a knee he gave the impression that he might be doing something else. I didn’t think the hit was late, Cromartie hit him just as he put the knee down.

1- The only thing wrong with that play was…DICKENSON GOT UP…DARN
2- I did’nt think I would find someone I disliked more than ROD, way to go LEIF.