Leif Pettersen passed away today.

Former Rider Leif Pettersen passed away at 57 years old as a result of a heart attack. Sad day in Riderville.

Where did you hear this?

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Leif Pettersen, a former CFL receiver and long-time television analyst, died suddenly this week, apparently of a heart-attack at his Toronto home.

Pettersen, who played eight seasons in the CFL and worked a football analyst for CTV and TSN for 18 years, was alone. His family was at a summer residence in the Collingwood. Ont., area.

Pettersen was 57.

Scott Moore, the head of CBC Sports, said he was shocked.

"He was a great analyst and one of the great characters in the business," said Moore, who worked with Pettersen at TSN. "He loved doing football television was one of the great guys to be on the road with."

Condolences to his family.

Just think...he'd probably be still working for TSN if Duane Forde had not come over from the SCORE! Another player goes to the big football game in the sky! He will be missed!

Sorry to hear he died. 57 is young to die. My Dad always liked him from days as Rider receiver.

Big loss to the CFL as a whole, a solid CFL player in his days and a pretty good colour guy for games as well.

To young to die. Does anyone know about his family?

This is turning out to be a tragic year off the field for the CFL with the passing of Jamaica Jackson, Bobby Ackles & now Leif Pettersen.

I always thought Petterson was witty in his comments. The last time I remember him doing a football game, he had the tough task of trying to make Toronto Phantoms AFL football interesting.

All the best to his family & friends.