Leicester City's 5000 - 1 'Miracle'?

One of the greatest underdog stories in recent sports has been unfolding over the last several months in Premier League Soccer.

The unbelievable run of Leicester City who started the season as 5000 - 1 longshots to win the League title has been incredble to watch. One of the longest running wonderful underdog stories ever.

They sit on top of the standings after 35 games of the 38 game season - and right now are tied 1 -1 in the first half with legendary Manchester United. If they win today - they win the title!

This is not the same as a longshot winning with a boxing match with a fluke punch, or a long shot in racing winning one race, or a 5-11 Ottawa Rough Riders knocking off the 11-5 1981 Eastern Final (and then almost beating the 14-1-1 Eskies in the Grey Cup.

Those are wonderful - but are all one race, one game one match fluke stories.

This is an underdog story that has now lasted for months. People were amused whe they led the table after a few games. By Christmas it was a great story - but it 'couldn't last'.

And today here they are on the cusp of winning the League crown. Might happen today if they win. Could happen tomorrow it Tottenham lose - or it might have to wait for their home game next week to clinch - which might be the best way - win it in front of their own fans.

Truly a 'miracle' season for Leicester City. One of the best underdog sports stories ever.

When Chelsea tied Tottenham in the dying minutes today - it clinched the title for 5,000 - 1 longshot Leicester City -- and in Leicester - they went nuts!


What an incredible story!

It has been, Pat, and they are full value for their success.