Legitimate question about Nik Lewis

I sit in 210 in BC Place and there's this one goof who's a total loudmouth about 4 rows above us, who always yells when an opponent's star player is hurt. The other night with Nik it was 'Scrape that bum off the field!! He's faking!! He's faking!!' And then a couple foul words thrown in.

Now I can't stand Nik Lewis, but I was this close to telling the sob to stfu! and have some respect. One of these days I'm gonna.

Not even a little bit classy, Sam. I don't care who it is, I don't ever want to see a player get hurt, and will never cheer when they do.

Great comments by Mr. Lucky, Prairie, and Depop. :thup:

I'll cheer loudly when a dirty player is clobbered and has to sit out awhile as was Diamond Ferri by Matt O'Donnell in July, but of course even for the likes of Diamond Ferri and a few others I would never want a guy not to be able to play again due to serious injury.

Perhaps someone you know, like me, has suffered a far smaller injury even off the field and had to undergo years of complete rehabilitation for it. I would not wish upon any player the suffering for quite some time that comes with a serious injury.

Also not to be overlooked is the high chance of not only re-injury but also relatively easy injury to another part of your body once you are even slightly out of balance anywhere below your waist when not quite fully recovered.

That was a nice hit. I cheered a little for that one as well.

I was stunned that he came back so quickly…I figured he’d be out for a month…hit of the year thus far for sure.

I know... like I said, after seeing how he was injured, it was nasty. I hope he does recover quickly and is back soon...

Not looking good but heard on the radio today that there is a rumour, Nik is expecting to undergo surgery.

:thup: :thup:

I am a fan of Nik's and was sad to see him on crutches after his leg was rolled on. Nik is one of those players whose explosive ability is like a bomb waiting to go off - you never know when he is gonna catch your D-line sleeping and break through for a huge play. Players like Nik make games much more exciting to watch even when he is humiliating your own team.

I don't get how some people say they 'hate' players either. How can you hate someone you don't even know? Sure there are times when players make me angry by the things they do on the field - my team included - was righteously PO'd at Ricky Foley last week for instance - but I am also willing to give players their due when they make great plays.

It is also beyond me how someone could cheer when any player gets hurt and shows an utter lack of empathy.

I'm going to try to walk a very fine line...

Football is a brutal game with big hits. One of the effects of those big hits is that a receiver or QB hears footsteps and rushes a throw or sneaks a peek instead of keeping their eyes on the ball. That leads to incompletions and changes of possession. During a game, players get dinged up with bumps, bruises and strains, it is just part of the game. When the other team is dinged up and can run quite as quick or cut as sharp, that's good for my team's chances of winning. So I want the other team to get hurt.

What I don't want are serious injuries. I want the other guys to get dinged up this game, but for them to be fully healed for next weeks game against a different opponent. I don't want to see career ending or season ending injuries.

I get it if a Lions fan cheered when Lewis didn't jump to his feet after that tackle. Thinking "Good news, Nik Lewis is going to be a half step slower for the rest of the game." seems completely fair.

But if anyone got happier when he still didn't get up, or happier when they saw the slo-motion replay and the seriousness of the injury became apparent... well, that's pathetic.

Other reports on cfl.ca confirm that, but not sure if you were implying it or not, but surgery is not unusual to properly set a large bone and ensure stray bone fragments aren't left floating about.

Apparently Lewis stated that his role this year will be one of support for his team mates. Hopefully he is back sometime this year but doesn't sound like it's going to happen.

However I heard that Rickey Foley once underwent open heart surgery at half time and returned to finish the game with a transfusion bag strapped to his helmet, so there is always hope. :cowboy: :lol:

I heard that when Lewis broke his leg ,that he is so phat, that gravy spilled out.....lol

just keepin it classy round here.....

LOL CHUCKLE 3downhound....Just a guess here,but your definetly not the head of the Calgary chapter of the Ricky Foley Fan Club !!!!! Seriously though Mr.Foley isn't one of my favs either....highly over-rated in my opinion.On the other hand......I've always been a huge fan of Lewis,love watching that guy play football,what a treat he is to see.Heres hoping he comes back,maybe not this year,but hopefully next year 100% healthy. :thup:

unless he will play for free next season. The salary cap will dictate that his career is now over.


oh come on... That joke is like 25 years old...except it starts out, "Your momma's so phat"
get a sense of humor....

its not about the phat, its about the injury. Nothing funny about the injury at all and any joke about it is not good

Cleo Lemon so stfu! :roll:

well that was meaningless and pointless.