Legitimate question about Nik Lewis

Let me start by saying I am in no way trying to mock or make fun of Nik Lewis or his injury. This is a 100% legit post. I have a friend in the medical field who suggests if Nik Lewis didn't have a slight weight issue the severity of his injury would have been a lot less. Opinions??

How does that affect have a 200lb+ man roll on your ankle?

If anything, would it not snap easier?

Idk I didn't see it. The impression I got was he went for a ball and came down on his ankle and broke his leg that way.

It explains the situation with health care in this country.

It seems I have been misinformed.....

You did the right thing whenever listening to a "medical professional" and that's to get a second opinion :lol: :thup:

Awful news about Nik's broken fibula - big loss for the Stamps. If Nik has a weight problem is sure doesn't slow him down a bit as he jumps over defenders, carries them on his back and blows through D-lines. Heal quickly Nik - will miss your explosive efforts on the field.

The quantity of injuries to star players this year is very odd. We are not even halfway through the season.

I wasn't aware that Nik had a "weight issue" either. As I understand it he works out hard in the weight room and is a very strong individual. Does he weight 245 lbs? Yes! Does he have some extra fat on his body (guessing he's around 7 - 10%)? Yes! is he overweight/obese? Definately not.

As my body building coach used to tell me, "you can't carve a big statue from a small stone". You need a little extra weight to build the muscle from.

He had a man "roll up" on his leg which caused his leg to break. Nothing about this was directly a result of his personal weight (unless you tried to make the arguement that the extra weight slowed him down enough that the defender could catch him). "Thick" Nik is known around the league as one of the stronger individuals and it is that "power" that allows him to do the things he does to defenders in this league. He is not just a "fat" individual that they just can't bring down! :roll:

:thup: Bone, cartilage and ligaments don't get stronger or weaker as a man adds bulk. If anything Nik's bulk shields him from more injuries than it causes.

If you go by a certain Rider fans posts, Lewis is a wimp. Foley would have gone out and played without a leg, calling it a flesh wound. Some players just won't play through pain. :cowboy:

Get better soon Nik, also props to the fans at B.C. place for their classy ovation given to Nik. :thup:

My apologies, it was an Argo fan that posted about players not playing hurt, not a Rider fan. Funny things is that in his tirade about J.T. Sherritt not playing after surgery, this guy singled out Lewis as a player who always plays hurt. (I am not saying that Lewis should do a Bobby Baun just pointing out how rediculous the assertion of not playing hurt is).

Well I'd like to apologize for my misinformed post. Had I known all that eaier I wouldn't have made this thread. My bad!

I don't feel an appology is necessary. You had a legitimate question/concern, you asked it in as polite a manner as you could and after receiving the "correct" information, you accepted it and we are moving on. There are a few posters on this forum that could take some lessons from this thread. :wink:

:thup: thanks for being classy bud!

Sorry it's just that a person gets so used to misguided, misinformed, annoying and moronic comments coming from primarily Rider fans, it is just natural that one could make an assumption that when there is a misguided, misingormed, annoying and moronic comment, it is from a Rider fan.

I will try to remember that Toronto too have misguided, misinformed, annoying and moronic commentators. Sure glad we don't have any in Calgary. :cowboy:

I'm not a big fan of Lewis, and initially cheered when he got hurt... but after seeing how he was injured, I hope he comes back quickly so I can love to hate him again... :lol:


Having suffered carreer ending/changing injuries myself, you and I disagreee in this area. I have many players that I don't like (hate is a very strong word in my mind), but I still don't want to see anyone get hurt.

I've been predicting for years that the reason Montreal had to have such a great O-line was because if AC every got hit, he would just explode in a cloud of dust (like one of the "trick" golf balls) and disappear. This was meant in jest, but I still don't want to see AC get hurt.

Sometimes we forget that once the uniform comes off these are just guys trying to make a paycheck to support their lives and families. To me it doesn't matter if it's Anthony Calvilo, Rob Bagg or Nik Lewis ... injuries are not a laughing matter.


I get rather upset when a player goes down in a game and some fans choose to jab at them.
I had a friend who frequented games who did it too far one time and I told him off...he is not welcome with me any more, and he knows why.