Leger Poll on CFL

Strange no discussion on this at all

Most interesting (negatively) are the fact that Quebec and Atlantic provinces were (by far) the lowest scoring for CFL fans
This really is the nail in the coffin for expansion imo (I had dreamed a Quebec franchise would help Als playing in the Ontario division but maybe not... as well most Atlantic areas were not at all interested in the league)

Other stuff is the super obvious stuff we take for granted (eg fans tend to be older, males. Those younger males are much more open to changing the league or even becoming NFL Lite)

One oddity (to me) is most fans tended to be University (or equivalent) whereas a highschool grad was far less likely (???)

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This doesn't surprise me given that Canada is the most educated country in the world, with ~56% of the population with some level of tertiary education. Japan is the only country that's even close with ~51%. There just aren't all that many people in the country who only have high school.



Surprised about Atlantic Canada....they seem to like their university football.


Atlantic Canada scoring low on CFL interest doesn't surprise me at all. There's no representation there.

Quebec does surprise me a bit but the Als brand is in rebuild mode plus Quebec City doesn't have a team may explain it


Its chicken and egg with respect to QC and Atlantic Canada. These figures would change with teams set up in those communities.


There was a lengthy discussion in the rule change forum :joy:

Definitely no teams in the area means you have less affiliation to the league .

East coast and QC area teams would change the interest level .


Not surprising 69% of women have no interest.
Not surprising that 68% of Quebecers and Maritimers have no interest in the CFL.
The Super Bowl ratings on RDS last February had 1 million viewers! that is huge for a small market, and that didn't include the viewers that watched on TSN and Fox in Quebec.
Not suprising that the Grey Cup ratings in Quebec were not even listed
Not surprised either that the switch to Four Down football had the highest support among 18 -34 year olds.