Legendary coach to return to the CFL?

Rumblings that on a interim basis for the rest of the season, or possibly a long term deal, that the Hamilton Tiger Cats have spoken to Marv Levy.

Marv Levy want's to coach again, and had spoken with Bob Wettenhall in 2001 about returning to coach the Als.

More on this later.

Been watching Marty York again have you?

.....Marv Levy is like 138 years old.......

.....and McMahon is full of bullkaka.....

That's a bit to far fetched for even me to believe

Levy heh......may as well try and dig up Vince Lombardi.... :roll:

No lack of imagination.

Might as well make this thread interesting. Who do you think is the greatest coach of all time? Obviously my hearts with Vince but CFL I would go with Bud Grant. This is also more with my heart then stats

Isn't Levy ..... high up with the Buffalo Bills?

He is Marty York! :roll:

I thought VP or GM. I'll have to check. Yup, just as I thought, Levy is listed as the GM on the Bills web-site.

Another BS post by Marty York / McMahon

Levy would fit right in with the other geriatric coaches in the league…D. Mathews 68; R. Lancaster 67; Buono & Higgins are relative spring chickens in their 50’s; and Assistant Coaches D. Ritchie 67, S. Burrato 65, ect, ect…

I would love to see Marv back coaching, if only to see the Flying Wing Tee formation again! :rockin: