Legend or Myth?

Highest Passer Efficiency Rating, career (minimum 1000 attempts)

110.4 - Dave Dickenson
97.7 - Ricky Ray
95.5 - Anthony Calvillo
94.9 - Jeff Garcia
94.6 - Travis Lulay
93.9 - Doug Flutie
93.8 - Warren Moon
92.5 - Henry Burris
91.3 - Casey Printers
89.9 - Kevin Glenn

Best TD to INT Ratio, one season (minimum 20 TD's)

10.5 - Ricky Ray (2013) (21/2)
6.0 - Dave Dickenson (2000) (36/6)
5.4 - Anthony Calvillo (2000) (27/5)
4.6 - Anthony Calvillo (2010) (32/7)
4.3 - Anthony Calvillo (2009) (26/6)
4.2 - Dave Dickenson (2005) (21/5)
4.0 - Anthony Calvillo (2011) (32/8)
3.6 - Jeff Garcia (1995) (25/7)
3.5 - Casey Printers (2004) (35/10)
3.3 - Anthony Calvillo (2006) (43/13)

Lowest Interception Rate, one season (minimum 300 attempts)

0.66% - Ricky Ray (2013)
1.09% - Anthony Calvillo (2000)
1.15% - Anthony Calvillo (2010)
1.21% - Dave Dickenson (2000)
1.22% - Anthony Calvillo (2010)
1.24% - Anthony Calvillo (2009)
1.28% - Damon Allen (2004)
1.34% - Condredge Holloway (1983)
1.46% - Dave Dickenson (2005)
1.51% - Doug Flutie (1995)

Highest Touchdown Rate, one season (minimum 300 attempts)

7.55% - Warren Moon (1980)
7.42% - Khari Jones (2002)
7.30% - Dave Dickenson (2000)
7.28% - Doug Flutie (1994)
7.22% - Henry Burris (2007)
7.19% - Matt Dunigan (1994)
7.14% - Warren Moon (1981)
7.12% - Henry Burris (2012)
7.09% - Casey Printers (2004)
7.07% - Tracy Ham (1996)

Most Passing Interceptions, career

281 - Danny McManus
278 - Damon Allen
219 - Anthony Calvillo
214 - Tom Clements
211 - Ron Lancaster
211 - Matt Dunigan
205 - Henry Burris
191 - Tom Burgess
191 - Kent Austin
168 - Kevin Glenn

Thanks Fender. its interesting to see these stats rolled like this. Anything there surprise you?

For me it is Dickensons numbers. For the most part those are amazing. 110,4 for a career is remarkable.
Kind of surprised at Printers high rating of 91..I know he had one BIG year but would have thought his return years would have brought that waaaay dowm.
I didn't realize either that Dunigan threw so many picks but he had a 14 year career. Overcame some bad injuries, including an Achilles tear.

Having not gone into in-depth analysis that goes beyond these numbers ... which I definitely will ... There are a few interesting surprises.

  1. Seems that throwing interceptions over a career is not necessarily a bad thing. All 10 on that list are among the top when we discuss CFL Quarterbacks. You'd almost conclude that INT's are a part of the game.

  2. Yet it's the names that are not amongst the Top 10 in INT's career wise that ARE in or at the top of the list of all-time best QB conversations. Ploen, Wilkie, Moon, Ham, Flutie, Dickenson, Garcia, Ray ... So obviously throwing INT's is NOT part of the game. You can obviously do it without.

  3. AC occupies 5 out of the best 10 TD/INT Ratios ... That truly is pretty remarkable. Other thing is that Flutie doesn't.

  4. Again with AC. Occupies 5 of 10 on TD/INT Ratio yet doesn't appear in Top 10 on TD%. Speaks to him not throwing INT's as a % of his passes.

  5. Calvillo & Flutie were truly remarkable. Having had the opportunity to personally witness their careers in the CFL was a real pleasure. I feel ... ugh ... swallow hard ... this is gonna hurt ... as a TiCat Fan ... but I feel we're in the same period/situation with Ricky Ray ... He truly is an extraordinary QB.

You wanna talk about grossly inflated legends by TSN's broadcast crew look no further than when they speak of John Hufnagel. They constantly praise him as one of the great CFL QB's but the dude had a mediocre pro career as a whole. Certainly nothing special or noteworthy.

QB efficiency rating has always been a bllsht stat as far as I'm concerned.

I've been a Rider fan since 1979. The Riders were ALWAYS a losing team when I was a kid. ALWAYS, no matter who threw the ball. The day that Austin took over under center (I remember the day well) the Riders became a winning team, and not just for 1 or 2 years either. When he left, they were a losing team again.

Now I've never really liked the guy, but he was a bloody damn good QB.

The game has changed over the last decade or so and we see more emphasis on the short passing game now. Back in Austin's, Moon's, Dunigan's, Holloway's and Clements' time in the league, QBs took more shots down the field. Of course, many of those shots went incomplete but a fair number would go for huge gains and perhaps even TDs.

Defences have become much better in recent years at taking those long balls away which has changed the nature of quarterbacking quite a bit. Now it is all about putting long drives together which means that you need a high completion rate. INTs seem to hurt more today than they did 20, 30 or 40 years ago.

Likewise, the standards for field goal kicking have changed over the last 20 years as well as mentioned in another thread.

No more Remi “The Toaster” Trudels now to fatten your receiving stats. :wink: