Legend or Myth?

Sometimes we think of a past player as great. Then you have a look at the facts and it can be a surprise. I always thought Kent Austin had a very good playing career. He certainly carries himself like he did. But in fact his stats are only barely fair.

His career rating was 78 which is just bordering on terrible
Threw more picks than TD: 198-191

Imagine how frustrated he'd be on the sidelines as a HC if he was his QB?

Big performance in the 89 GC though and that crated a lot of the myth

Probably lots out there like this or maybe vice versa ...players who were much better than our memory allows.

I guess because the less impressive portions of his statistics were generated at the beginning and end of his career, they're more or less set aside as his formative and decline years, so people remember the better production in the middle . But even so, those stats are probably in the good-not-great category too.

Yeah he had 4 good years out of 10.

Never had a QB rating hit 85 in his career. A few close though. Just threw a ton of picks throughout.

Conversely I have always undervalued Kelvin Anderson as a running back. Just sort of ho-hum for me.
But when you look back at his career you realize just how consistent and good he was.

He had 7 straight years as a 1000 yard guy in Calgary and then was cut , ironically replaced by Lawrence Phillips.

Then he was picked up by BC . You got it. Rushed for 1000 again. Eight straight years over 1000 yards, a CFL record, then he packed it in. He really should be a legend,

Good point. I'm struggling to find it right now (being at work and all) but I'd be curious to know where the stands on the all-time rushing list.

I think he is 6th...but cant find that either. I know Charles Roberts is 5th with about 10,000

Yes slant, some of the guys who get all the attention really don't deserve it. That's why I always look for the under rated player. The guy who isn't a media darling but gets the job done game after game and does it well. Every sport has these guys. Every team has at least one of these guys. Good topic !

Agreed - good topic!

Not CFL, but an example from the NFL is Joe Namath.
Standout at Alabama in college, "The Guarantee" win in the Super Bowl, the Broadway Joe hype.
His NFL numbers are terrible.
And he's a Hall of Famer. :o

Yup KA was overshadowed by the receiving core and qb parade of the era but just kept putting up the numbers.
Another one that screwed over by the cardboard king Feterick. Had one of the greatest smiles flashing that gold tooth. Deservedly on The Stampeder Wall of Fame

It might be because I'm younger, but I've never interpreted Kent Austin as anything great as a player. I didn't even really know his stats and his TD to INT ratio is abysmal... How is that even possible? I guess it just cements in my mind he wasn't any good, save for a "few years" you guys claim he was decent... Never over 85 PR? Was he blind? :lol:

I think where Austin played most of his career has much to do with his perception as a top level QB. As does delivering the second Grey Cup win in Rider history in 1989, first since 1966. Breaking that kind of drought can make you a legend in a hurry despite your career numbers.

Lancaster numbers are not so great either, yet he is still a justified legend.

career rating - 72

It's about winning the big game.
KA to his credit won the best game ever played in any sport, the 89 Grey Cup.
Also, Ron Lancaster and Russ Jackson two of the very best QB's.

To his credit Austin did post one of the highest single-season yardage totals in league history. That has to count for something

Danny Mac, Damon Allen, Ron LAncastewr are all towards the top to league passing records.. All were brutal in there own right.. Lions fans aboandoned the team because of Allen... He got turfed out of Ottawa!!!. How the heck do you fail in Ottawa!!!. Burris is climbing the ranks in numbers too and he has been tossed around like Madonna the last few seasons.. Even Calvillio sucked in Hamilton.. Dunnigan, was a suicidal lunatic that could not win the big game...Other than Moon(who was a playoff choke artist in the NFL) and Flutie(who never won a playoff game) Every Quarterback in the CFL had bad times.

Ron Lancaster held pretty much every quarterbacking CFL record when he retired, was a two time CFL MVP, a Grey Cup champion and Hall of Famer. He is one of the greatest legends of all time in the CFL.

No question he is a legend. And deservedly so. But He would never last in todays game, nor win GC, with his play and propensity for mistakes and interceptions. Stats don't tell the whole story to be sure but they do not lie. But I'm not placing him in myth category.
Not to minimize his career but its a good thing he had the greatest running back in CFL history behind him.

Did Lancaster not have a Grey Cup game where he thre 5 ints? Before myu time, but I remember something about a few of his Grey Cup games where he played less than stellar.

Dunnigan was dreadful in numerous GC appearance's. Choked the 86 game away, Allen saved him in 87, choked big time in 88 vs the Bombers, completed less then 50% in the 91 game but was hurt and gutted out a win with a TALENTED Argo team and Flutie outplayed him badly in the 92 GC.

Yep...one thing I have always appreciated about Dunigan is his willingness as a commentator to state that he was generally terrible in GC games. Got too high he said a few years back on the TSN panel.
I don't put him in the myth category personally though.