Legalized Pot and sports

Timely series on TSN with pot legalized tomorrow.

Well, for some reason I cannot read or hear your link. Something ain’t working.

I want to add that the world is not gonna end when pot is legal. There won’t be thousands driving stoned. There won’t be anarchy and riots. Wednesday will be just another day like today. Now mind you, some media will pick up on the smallest little thing and spin it negative but we live in a world where alcohol is pushed and extolled on the masses and nobody bats an eye. When they gave out clean needles, was there a mad rush by everyone to shoot up ? Pot users are pretty laid back people. If I had to be in a room with ANY group of drug users, it would be the pot smokers I choose. Pass the chips.

It will be interesting to see if weed will, like alcohol, become a go-to sponsor for sports.

Perhaps the progressive CFL should get on board. We’ve had the Schenley awards and Gibson’s Finest before, could we see the Aurora Cannabis MOP award?

The Lions in particular could get one of those companies to ante up for a sponsorship patch on their jerseys.

Might a pot-based finacial empire make Vancouver Island a prime location for CFL expansion in the years to come?

If something is legal, why not, there shouldn’t be any ethical reasons not to endorse any such company. Look at the NHL, they went to Vegas and gambling is hardly what many consider a squeaky-clean image for any professional league to put a team into a city that endorses gambling.

I think a lot of people are not looking at the positives that some intake of cannabis, or alcohol can have from a therapeutic psychological or physiological viewpoint. My grandmother’s doctor for example used to prescribe brandy for my grandmother to drink regularly to help her sleep better.

So I say for the CFL or any league, why not? At least in countries where it is legal.

I mentioned this on the main forum .

Tweed who has billions and Canadian would be a great sponsor if legal to do so by name only .

There name on the jerseys or sponsor the leagues fields outright across the board etc… would be a great move .

Not sure because of the restrictions but if they could attach their name legally to something it would be prudent because I think advertising is not allowed .

So bring the tobacco advertisements back? Sounds good to me

Everybody is young and pretty and nubile and active and rich and happy in the alcohol ads I see and we all know that ain’t the truth. I would much rather my 12 year old son tried smoking a cigarette than try drinking a pint of whiskey with his buddy. Alcohol is given free rein even though it causes more grief on this planet than most anything else. If you are old enough to drink, you are old enough to not need ads promoting alcohol. Kids watch a hockey game on TV and see all the fun alcohol is supposed to be and that’s accepted…It would be great if the CFL got partnered with the pot industry. Think of the money that is going to be generated. Check out Colorado to see what I mean.

I like to drink now and again and also a bit of cannabis now and again.

But I always remember having a beer with a cop friend of mine. He said once, " You know I’d probably not have a job if people didn’t drink." Kind of a telling comment in a way.

Looks like in Ottawa cannabis is going to create some staffing jobs as well perhaps, according to this piece. So looks like there will be people employed strictly due to cannabis as well.

“Our staff estimate about eight million dollars is required for all of the inspectors, by-law, police costs, roadside checks and so on. That money has to come from somewhere,? he said.

8 million is a drop in the bucket compared to the taxes the Gov will rake in. How much is it for alcohol related police costs ? This is the kind of backward thinking that surrounds marijuana, all the time ! They are already looking for problems. How much does it cost now while pot is illegal ? Don’t they have inspectors and roadside checks ? Such stupid remarks from the ignorant.

For years we have heard it’s a gateway drug when in fact all signs point the other way. People are getting off their dependency on opioids(Dr. sanctioned) by using pot. The pot relieves the pain and weans them off a harmful, addictive drug.

I wish people would read more before they speak.

“Fake news” what have you. Cannabis is going to create headlines, legalizing it that is in a country like Canada. Canada is on the world stage with this along with the lesser known country of Uruguay. But Uruguay is not located next to a country like the US.

Should be interesting.

Hope she wasn't a patient of Dr. Huxtable!:smiley:

My biggest concern on this whole issue is loss of agriculture land because of many switching to growing grass.

Most medicinal pot is grown indoors. Hemp production could be outdoors but i doubt it will affect regular agriculture. Hemp used to be grown years ago before the marijuana madness and fear was started in the 30s.

Hope she wasn't a patient of Dr. Huxtable!
I don't think she ever was PTBO. ;)

Why not?

There are thousands who drive drunk..and the vast majority of drinkers admit that driving drunk is wrong

Many, maybe most pot smokers deny the risk of smoking and driving...why would they not drive stoned?

There was a study released last week that 20% of office managers thinkit would be ok for them to smoke pot at work and plan on doing so.....

You don't think people will smoke and drive?


Like tobacco…you cannot advertise pot

Read what?

There is plenty to read that says that pot smoking leads to depression and dementia....

Would you like to read something that says its harmless? Plenty out there

Or my personal favorite... vaccinations cause autism....

People will read and believewhatthey already believe

Oh no! Scientists say global warming! Its happening
What?We all know that vaccinations case autism...I don't care what those scientists say! They are all in bed together

The preceding example was just an example and is in no way meant to enforce my belief on either topic

Meaning please don't turn this into a topic on global warming or autism

Don’t twist my words. Of course some will STILL smoke and drive but just because pot is legal will not be the reason. Smoking and driving is going on now. What are the stats for that ? Is there a pile of stats that show driving stoned WILL cause accidents ? I am not promoting driving stoned, I am saying if you don’t now, you won’t in the future just because it is legal. Same as alcohol. If we banned alcohol there would still be drunk drivers. A law doesn’t change that.

Read why marijuana is considered a no-no. Read how it became a plant to avoid at all costs. Read how it has been used for centuries as a cure and only in the 1930s in the States it became linked with cocaine and morphine and other street drugs. Read why it had been deemed immoral.

It sounds to me like you only want to argue, again.