Legal Tailgating

Ontario to legalize tailgating at sporting events

Another deflection from what is important to Ontarians. I don’t think the existing laws have prevented anyone who wants to tailgate from doing so in Hamilton. The only difference is you no longer need to pour you alcohol into a cup so it is openly evident what your drinking.

One key restriction: tailgate events shall not be permitted to include “three men in a hot tub.”

Well I will leave Cats Mafia to some of the younger fans

people are stupid


I read the column in the Sun. Then I read some of the responses in the Comment Section . Now I know why the Spec has very few stories with a comment section afterword. ::slight_smile: Every lobotomy in Ontario must have a computer .

Everybody trashes everybody like Vince McMahon.

Thank Gawd, there’s no place like home in the TiCat forum. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy who enjoyed the Scott Park tailgate strolls)

We have been tailgating with the box J Boyz leading us for years from Scott Park to the new Top Secret tailgating lot Ticats today “ no comment “ :o :wink: I have had my parking secret pass for years Cheers ! Long live the tailgate! “Win or lose we drink the booze!? Rule #1 cups or cans !

"What’s up with Ontario’s draconian, puritanical liquor laws and tailgating? I was tailgating in (name of US city here ) something , something and was embarrassed. …

"What’s up with Ford trying to distract us with silly stuff like this instead of dealing with (name of moral outrage here)…Ontario is embarrassing .

Same people.

Tailgating was happening anyway. No story here.

A bigger win would be the city of Hamilton coming out and saying “we’re going to ignore all no parking and parking meters within 2km of the stadium for 2 hours pre and post all events”

Transportation and booze have always gone together. No law is needed to reinforce, for many, that dangerous coupling. Next stop, no personal purchases allowed to be brought to the site. Pay through the nose from the boozelot operators. (only 2 drinks per purchase)

Ive been to the ticat tailgates the last number of years and it’s always been fun. Never saw any antics, fights or drunkenness.

Im not a big fan of Ford, but it’s nice to see Ontario being made less of a nanny state.

Next up, get rid of the predatory taxes on cigarettes!

Trying to figure out the new tailgating law . Tailgating is organic .

If you still need a liquor Permit how is that different from today .

The liquor laws in Ontario have always allowed communities to allow tailgating for years .

Tailgating in it’s essence from my perspective many communities can do on their own with the current law for special events now and have done .

The liquor laws have always allowed a community to designate areas for open carry liquor if they so choose and they did it for the new year 2000 celebration with no purchase and bring from home carry . They just designated streets etc… lawful to drink for a specified period .

Universities do it right now for things like homecomings where they do not control the purchase of alcohol on campus and off campus . The area would be closed to walk areas only .

For the last two events mentioned usually glass containers are the only thing prohibitive and of course behaviour .

So if the Cats wanted to the petition the city to make areas parking lots free to open carry and consume liquor for periods of time they only needed the necessary permit . They would most likely have to pay security and face the legal liability . I always thought that’s the real reason we don’t do it here . No profit and all the liability .
I should add washrooms to the list of requirements as well .


You mean the bottle or cup they could do that . :smiley:

That would be called “the nearest bush”. :wink:


There’s no real change, not sure what the problem is tho?

Where’s the harm in this?

The point I was trying to makes is that this new law has no real effect on tailgating. We’ve had it for as long as I can remember in Hamilton. This government making a big deal announcement is to get people talking about something else that is not important at all.

I could go on and on but that’s against forum rules.

I think everyone is right, and wrong. Technically, anyone can apply for a special occasion permit for a sanctioned legal tailgate. Ford is talking more about open carry without a permit essentially, quite different.

Unless they are planning on changing open carry laws, then there is really no change except for how police deal with open carry.

As we saw with with pot, government messaging had a real impact on police laying charges (not laying charges) for posession…and later, the blatant establishment of brick and mortar stores selling weed to the public.

This may impact more on rec. Leauges where teams like to have a beer after a game. The city does not allow it in parks… but… now that thr province says tailgating is ok, no one’s doing anything illegal ;D