Legacy Wall

As a season ticket holder I just submitted my (true) name, on-line, for the wall. I will very proud to see it every time I go to a game. I have been a fan all of my 58 years.


Nice Mike!

We got the e-mail for the wall too but we are not very happy. I am the season ticket account holder but its me and 4 of my best friends who have the seasons. Originally the tiger cats head office said there was no advantage between keeping 1 account or splitting them up into 5 so to make it easier i just bought all 5 tickets under one account name.

Now, we only have 2 spots for the wall! But there are 5 of us that want to be on the wall obviously.

We all pay the same amount for tickets. We should all get a spot!!

Anyways... im sure others are in this situation also. I would love to see what will happen.

I plan on calling the head office soon to speak to them about it.

Thanks delsolaaron.

One suggestion would be to confirm with the team verbally that they can't accomodate all five of you before posting here. Until they say otherwise you should act like they will put all 5 names on the wall. Negative things happen to negative people. (at least from this old guy' s perspective). :wink:

In this case the old guy (sorry Mike) is right, namely that the Ticat front office team are the first to admit that they don't have all the details worked out on this yet, and they really want to hear constructive criticisim of this initiative. They only have one chance to get this right.

delsolaaron: Your point is a good one and one I know the team is debating. My recollection is that they were going to offer the option to families to list themselves together (hence the two lines you mentioned), or individually, ie one line per seat. I expect they will make a similar offer to groups like yours but will pass along your post to make sure they consider it.

If your ticket rep isn't giving you an answer on this topic that makes sense to you, don't hesitate to appeal directly to team President Glenn Gibson. Tell him I told you to call. :wink:

Bob I don't mind being called old...it is what it is... (I'd rather not live in d'Nile. I'd rather live in d'Amazon anyway :lol: ).

Thank you for funding this legacy wall. You have gone far above and far beyond what your brother would have expected with saving his (and my and your) team. I am honoured to share his first name (and perhaps some of his passion for all Black and Gold).

You deserve to get the Order of Canada for what you have done. Hopefully you will receive the recognition you truly deserve.

I too am in a similar situation but two seats which I have ave shared with a good friend for 35 years. I was told several weeks ago by a sales rep that I could put both our names on one line as long as it was no longer than 25 characters. Example: F. LASTNAME & F. LASTNAME. I will submit it this week and see if it is accepted. If rejected, then I will escalate within the organization. I cannot imagine it being a problem if treated as "business name"

I feel every season ticket holder should be on the legacy wall not just the account holder. If we have 14,000 season ticket holders there should be 14.000 names on the wall. If they have to make it bigger than do it, if its not ready for the first game unveil it the final regular season game. Just do it right!! Every season ticket holder has bin very patient with the stadium at least they can do is acknowledge every season ticket holder :cowboy:

thanks Bob for the reassurance. i'm in a similar situation as delsolaaron. i'll wait to see what your excellent team comes up with.

They should have done it
1-2 names - 1 lines
3-4 names - 2 lines
5-6 names - 3 lines
7-8+ names - 4 lines

This way it allows everybody who has for example 3 tickets, such as a couple and a friend to put all three names on the wall. My case I have 5 tickets, two couples and a single. With my layout, you get 3 lines. Thus, each couple gets 1 line and the single person gets 1 line.

Currently I have to squeeze 5 names on two lines.


No email as yet??? how do we sign up ? Link?

They send you a personalized link. You can't just sign up.

Is it for All season ticket holders?

I believe all 2014 seasons ticket holders.

Try squeezing 12 names on to 4 lines. Completely understand that a business that has 100 tickets doesn't need that many lines, but I will have to tell my group that some will not get a spot.

I am in a similar spot.

6 single tickets, under one name.

I am hopeful all 6 can garner a spot, due to the "legacy" factor.

Hey guys,

If you're having trouble making your submission under the guidelines presented in Monday's e-mail, please call your Ticats ticket representative to discuss your situation. The organization will evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis.

Just submitted my entry for the wall. I started attending games from a young age as my father had season's tickets since '73 until 2002 when he unfortunately passed at the age of only 47. I just started getting my own season's tickets in 2012 and when i heard about this wall, well i can't say enough what it will mean to me to have our names (my father and I) permanently displayed at the new stadium. This football team was on the verge of extinction (or at least relocation) at the same time my father had passed on and i really thought we were going to lose our team for good, but Bob Young truly saved this team and has worked for over 10 years now to bring this organization back to life and turn it into a business that will be able to thrive long after he has left his mark on it. Thank you Bob Young for what you have done for this team and this city. This team has a lot of personal meaning to me because of my shared passion with my father and i am proud to be a part of this new era of Tiger-Cats football. Oskee Wee Wee!! :smiley: :rockin:

Minor point: Does anyone know in what order the names will appear? Alphabetical, or maybe by how long you have been a season seat holder? Just wondering.

Question: Will the Wall be Ready this Year? Could be delayed like the Stadium!!

When are we supposed to receive these emails? I haven't heard a word.