Left at Half-Time

Fan for 25 years this is the first time I have ever left at half-time. Pathetic play speaks for it's self. :thdn:

I left 3 QRT 8 Mins left.
Third game in a Row I have left Early

I left at half-time also: glad I didnt have a 50-50 ticket to stick around for...

First time I have left early... left in the 3rd after the Riders scored a TD.
We've been outscored 97 - 10 in our last 3 home games.... how pathetic

I left with about tem minutes to go and ffelt guilty for deserting the team.

However the team deserted me at least 3 games ago.

I left at half time too. Any takers on my season tickets for the remaining 4 games? (HALF PRICE)
PM me and we'll make a deal! (Section 26 near mid field)

Stayed the whole game only to see if we would get at least a field goal. Didn't happen lol

I shut last weeks fiasco off before half time. This week, I shut it off after the first 30 minutes and went to the horse races.

I don't know what happened for the rest of the game and looking at the score...I DON'T WANT TO KNOW.

From what I could see of Maas....bench him NOW! AND FIRE PAOPAO!

I hope you all leave...so I can scoop up your tickets. especially your onknight. I believe in this ownership.

You believe in losing? You believe in being humiliated? You believe in being the joke of the League? Really???

Hope you're having a good time, because no one else is. I guess you'll be the one in the stands all by yourself. Have Fun.

it’s a crying shame we hav all this talent and it’s not being utilized how much longer is mr. young coing to put up with this b4 we go the way of the riders or renegades. i hope he does something soon. we should be 9and 2 not the other way 'round sad it’s to late to get greg back we had something there and riddens to paou paou i hope

Made the 90 minute trek down the 401. What a waste. Felt like leaving at the half again. Stayed until the beginning of the fourth. It was easier to get out of the parking lot at Scott Park at that time. :rockin:

I never left a game early in my life and I wasn't about to break that record last night. Why? Because of guys like Hitchcock and Morreale ... both of whom played their hearts out in an effort that was doomed at the opening kick-off.

This team is riddled with over-paid, under-achievers (players and coaches alike) who have no business representing the good fans of Hamilton.

There are still a few real Tiger Cats out there who remember what it is like to win a game and to hear the roar of approval from the Ivor Wynn faithful. The sad thing is that with each on-field embarrassment (and that is exactly what the past 3 home games have been) the memories become more distant.

When is Young going to wake up and do something about this? Look at Sask. They made their moves already. Why do we have to wait for the off season to replace a lame-duck coach, his entire staff, and manager? I don't want to hear this crap about no one being available. Saskatchewan found Tillman. Maybe Pigskin Pete could be talked into coaching ... he couldn't possibly do any worse.

Never used to leave early. Never... 3 games in a row I've left early now..

I didn’t leave either because I wanted to see how Kevin Eakin would do. He played for more than a quarter in a confident and leader-like fashion.

Joe Paopao didn’t confine him to the pocket this time.
He allowed Kevin to slide the pocket to the side.

In the last few minutes, tacklers repeatedly broke through a porous O-line to sack him 2 or 3 times. Kevin had to run for his life to avoid them.
They forced him into throwing 2 ill advised interceptions.

Ownership is fine.. I Like Bob Young..
It's The Football Operations Staff that Stinks.

As For my Seat your Welcome to it after Labor Day if You Pay me for it..

Then I Can Sit Home and Turn off the Bad Football.
Save my Gas & Parking Fees

Next Season Unless there are Major Changes in the Front Office
You may get my Seat..

Well then hope you quit posting because if you give up on the tream as you say then you should not care what is on the forum either!! True TI cat fan i think NOT!!!

I do like the ticats
I Can't Stand Bad Football...
Your a Fool if stay, and Waste your hard Earn money...

If we where losing by 1 or 3 or 10
I be Right in there Cheering hard..

we are losing by huge Double Digets

50 Points lost

100 Points by Vistors in last 3 games.
what have we scored!!!!
Give me a break..We Stink..

u mean those 'ugly' season tickets that were supposed to win hamilton a grey cup?...HAHAHAHA

those tickets are as ugly as the teams' performances.