Lefors Retiring? And former bomber still a moron

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interesting lil article here about lefors and a former bomber current rider.

guess with regards to the former bomber current rider.. some guys never learn.

....I'd say that Jason is done....How many chances does a guy get....He seems to have a serious domestic problem and would be advised to seek some counselling....What's with some guys and guns... :roll: Sad..... :roll: :roll:

This went unnoticed by everybody, including me the first time I read the story.

Army was arrested on Feb. 13, less than a week prior to the Riders signing Dorsey. If the tall foreheads at Riderville were aware of this, (a) it makes the Dorsey signing appear in a vastly different light, and kudos to them for acting so quickly, and (b) in a world of throwing people under the bus, kudos for keeping silent as to the reason for signing Dorsey, even in the face of criticism and questions from some of the fans.

just to update the story about armstead, he has been released by the riders according to the main page here on CFL.CA.. not like that wasnt obvious tho :slight_smile:

The Riders are saying they released Armstead before signing Dorsey but didn't announce at the time because they were trying to help him find a spot on another team's roster.

Good Riddence to LeFors we do not need a negative attitude like that on our team, period. A player who doesn't even want to come to camp to COMPETE for his job and cash he is asking is just a baby in my books.

Will never understand Armstead, guy is a pro football player, makes more cash than my family combined and still turns to crime, seriously a pro football player stealing his wifes purse, where does it end? Spoiled a$$ is what he is and no room for him in the pro's. If jason keeps it up he will be trading in a football jersey for a different kinda wordrobe with black and white stripes on it (no not referee .. lol ...)

all the guys kelly brought over seem to have some attitude issues. quite strange for a qb who has done nothing to want more money when he agreed to a paycut… lefors can go rot somewhere with that attitude.

Lefors was treated terribly! Bombers challenged his manhood when they cut his sallary to 90 grand. A man has to be able to hold his head up in this business. Probably the younger guys would be coming to camp with better contracts.