Lefors may see action against BC

So I guess thats that, Kelly said yesterday that he would like Lefors to get some game time this week against BC, "we might see Bishop in for a few plays, then Lefors in for a few plays, not saying for sure it will be this week, Im just saying thats my thinking" Thats in the Free Press today

Does not sound to promising from my guy Kelly.

Matt Dunnigan??!?!?! Is that you?? :lol:
Geez after all the dumb things this guy has done, I thought the Bomber fans have stopped praising the ground he walks on. Guess not.

Not sure what to make about Lefors getting playing time. Just read that he took a 60 thousand dollar pay cut, was told to take it or walk. He went from 150 to 90 grand

Lefors was making 150K?

Wow I think that is a JOKE, he has the worst arm of a starting QB I have seen in years.

If he had a good arm he would be decent in this league.

Bishop will start this game and if he sucks, then you might see the lowley Lefors step in, but i highly doubt it, suprised Lefors was not sent packing with Giles. I wonder who will be sent packing after the Bombers next 2 losses? :roll:

Did you read the whole article? This move probably violated the collective agreement, never mind the enormous disrespect for someone who was trying to live up to the billing that Kelly himself gave him. Kelly has been enough trouble already; now he is moving into previously uncharted realms of incompetence and arrogance, maybe even viciousness. Cutting the pay of an injured player...

If this is true, the CFLPA would be within its rights to lodge a complaint on its own, regardless of whether LeFors made/makes an issue of it or not. If it is a breach (or potential breach) of the CBA, that takes it out of the realm of player-team matters, and into something else entirely.

I thought exactly the same thing Artie. I doubt LeFors would want a formal grievance filed, but I do also believe the players' association would be within their rights to pursue this without his approval. And if the story is true as printed, then I hope they do.

Otherwise. . . will Jesse Lumsden have his pay cut? Will Buck Pierce have his pay cut?

Probably not; my guess is that Buono and Richie Hall have too much class to try to pull a stunt like that on an injured player.

I am a little slow, are you suggesting that Lefors is going to get some playing time to keep him from complaining about a possible infraction against Kelly?

No, I'm not suggesting anything about playing time. I'm suggesting Kelly may have bent the rules too far this time, again assuming that Friesen is telling the story straight.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Winnipeg/2009/08/19/10512656-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 6-sun.html[/url]

Un. believable.

That article is why I've been saying for years that when it comes to the CFL. I will always side with the player. While this isn't a pretty example there are plenty like it every year with many teams.

Really? I’ve never heard of a player forced to take a pay cut during the season while they were injured.

Lefors may have been hurting, but he wasn't on the IR, big difference.

In either case, he would be out of a job completely now if he didn't restructure his contract. Some will call it blackmail, but in the end the choice was his and Kelly found a way to keep him in the fold.

Bauer is the bean counter now more than Kelly and we all know he is ruthless when it comes to pinching pennies.

If what the article claims is correct, Lefors was given this ultimatum right before he was going to get the results back from his MRI. In essence, they may have been giving a potentially severely injured player the choice... take a paycut or we'll cut you right before you find out you are severely injured. That's a very weak move. As it stands the results of the MRI show that Lefors does have some fairly significant damage to his shoulder, which likely had a lot to do with Lefors' poor performances vs. Ham and Tor.

Here's some info. I found on Lefors' injury(2nd degree sprained AC joint)

"With 2nd-degree sprains, stress is painful, and joint opening is limited. "

"Acromioclavicular joint sprains (separation): The usual injury mechanism is a fall on the point of a shoulder or on an outstretched arm. Severe sprains tear the coracoclavicular ligament, displacing the clavicle upward from the acromion. Treatment is immobilization (eg, with a sling) and early mobility exercises. Some severe sprains are surgically repaired. This injury is often termed a “shoulder separation.?"

In other words, Lefors probably should not have started the Toronto game....

"A sprain of the ligaments of the AC joint results in varying degrees of looseness (laxity) and deformity of the joint. Sprains are graded as to the severity of ligament damage and resulting separation of the joint. In grade I, or first-degree AC joint sprains, some stretching of ligament fibers has occurred, but without any disruption of the joint. In grade II, or second-degree sprains, the damage is greater, resulting in some fibers being torn and minimal disruption, or displacement, of the joint. Grade III, or third-degree sprains, include a complete disruption (dislocation) of the joint because all the ligament fibers are torn (ruptured). Grade IV through VI sprains are much rarer, are of much greater severity, and are discussed under acromioclavicular dislocations."

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Winnipeg/2009/08/19/10512656-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 6-sun.html[/url]

"If a player sustains a 2nd degree sprain, he/she should be evaluated by an orthopaedic surgeon to determine the severity of the injury. Many times with a grade II sprain a small fracture may be present. As pain allows, the athlete should begin rehabilitation exercises to increased range of motion and restore normal strength. These individuals should not be allowed back to full activities until cleared by the orthopaedic surgeon. Often times this grade of injury will result in 4 to 6 weeks of time loss."

What an ugly move by the Bombers, if I was a football player I would make sure to stay away from that town. By the way if they let him play again and he does well will they give him his money back… bunch of cheap bastards. :thdn:

There is no way a guy with a labrum tear and composite injuries to a throwing shoulder can be ready in two weeks. Lefors should really see an independant shoulder specialist and possibly a Canadian labour lawyer.

It's his non-throwing shoulder. He's a lefty.

Isn`t that always the way

Yeah, there's a foul stench coming from Bomber HQ over how they handled this. Very slimeball move. It doesn't pay off in the long run, other players learn about it and want to play elsewhere.