Lefko: Young's Reign of Shame

At some point you have to wonder if Hamilton Tiger-Cats owner Bob Young and team president Scott Mitchell have any clue how to run a franchise.

What they've collectively done to the team since Young became owner after the 2003 season and subsequently hired Mitchell in 2007 has turned the Ticats into the laughingstock of the Canadian Football League.

For a guy who describes himself as the Caretaker of the Ticats, Young has sure made a mess.
Young has plundered the Ticats into a pit of doom but approaches every season as if it will be the road to the Grey Cup. It's like the definition of insanity -- doing the same thing again and again and hoping for a different result. But nothing changes -- only the presidents, general managers, head coaches, co-ordinators and marquee players. Meanwhile, the losses continue.

Including the 2012 season, the team has finished last overall four times in the Young era. Overall, the regular-season record is 56-105-1. He makes the Gliebermans look like good owners by comparison.

With Mitchell as president, the Ticats have a regular-season record of 38-70.

The highpoint for both Young and his longest-serving president happened in 2011 when the team came within one victory of advancing to the Cup. And then the dynamic duo promptly blew up the football organization, hoping to go further. Instead, the Ticats tumbled all the way down to the ground.

A year ago, Mitchell was crowing to anyone within ear shot about the hiring of Cortez, who had spent two years as the quarterbacks coach of the Buffalo Bills. Mitchell saw it as a coup. He was wrong. Again.

Many of Young's mistakes, both in the football and business operations, can be directly attributed to Mitchell, whose truculent personality makes Brian Burke look passive in comparison. He has become toxic in the Hamilton community with his combative style, creating waves with politicians, business leaders and some of the local media. During his reign of shame, the Ticats have finished last overall in the league three times.

That's the type of losing performance over a sustained period of time that leads to a dismissal. Instead, the list of people who have been sacked below Mitchell is quite lengthy while he has immunity against prosecution.

Scathing. [url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2012/12/11/lefko_ticats_bob_young_george_cortez/?utm_source=CFL%20lineup%20RSS-Images&utm_medium=feed&utm_content=Lefko%20on%20Ticats:%20Young's%20reign%20of%20shame&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... um=twitter[/url]

You can't argue with any of that. He hit the nail right on the head. This team is run like the trash you take to the curb and coaches and players are treated the same. The Bob Young era has been all smoke and mirrors. The record speaks for itself.

i’ll blame Scott Mitchell more than Bob, although the buck does stop at Bob. Im already blaming Scott Mitchell for the ticket debacle.

Its about time someone has the guts to call Mitchell for what he is. Been saying it for five years since he fired his GM who was at a game with his kids and wife. Yet Young still hangs on to his boat anchor.

thank goodness for lefko!
finally someone who calls it like it is.

MITCHELL is the problem!


[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2012/12/11/lefko_ticats_bob_young_george_cortez/?utm_source=CFL%20lineup%20RSS-Images&utm_medium=feed&utm_content=Lefko%20on%20Ticats:%20Young's%20reign%20of%20shame&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... um=twitter[/url]

I should point out that it's Lefko. He's worse than Dowbiggin and Blair.

Seriously, he is the worst sports writer on the planet. If it wasn't for spell check he probably wouldn't be allowed to be published...

Lefko is the horse's arse of sportswriters, he couldn't tie Steve Milton's boots up.
He's probably still ticked that, after ALL he has singlehandedly done for the Argos, he wasn't allowed in the parade.

I would probably only give a lot of merit to any piece on this subject by Milton or Drew Edwards, Lefko is only repeating what he has read on CFL team forums.

Hindsight is 20/20. Search back & find the threads after Cortez' signing was announced. By far the majority was calling it a triumph.

And there you have it. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=80033

Missed the boat on Drew’s blog, Mitchell is a problem, but THE problem is Bob Young.

To paraphrase Bob Young in 2003; “I don’t know the business of football, I will make mistakes, but I will learn from these mistakes”. Guess what…8 seasons later, a pile of mistakes, no lessons learnt, same mistakes repeated. Mitchell should have been gone in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012…accountability for this mistake is with Bob. The way the food chain goes.

Lefko nails it...

This team is an embarassment from top to bottom...A running punchline/gag reel of a sports franchise...I'm wondering at what time a league worth it's salt might take this joke of an operation away from Mr. Young's (by his own admission) clueless hands and run it themselves until a suitable owner can be found???

Looking for precedent?

Look no further than the New York Giants of the late '70's,where it's ownership was so incompetent and dysfunctional that the NFL essentially told the Mara's to sign the cheques and forced them to hire an actual GM (George Young,by the way)...

A decade of complete and total incompetence is quite enough,don't ya' think?

When you make the Glieberman's look like the pictures of competence,you've hit the bottom of the barrel.

If the last ten years have shown this fan anything it's simply that we might have been better off allowing the team to fold and remember memories back in '03 instead of watching this death spiral Mr. Young has been at the helm of...

So is Ralph Wilson to blame for the Bills not able to get a playoff position, which means in their division you only have to beat out 4 other teams, for how many years now has it been?

Blaming owners is fine if they are cheap and not spending money but Bob Young is not cheap, he has brought in a number of coaches and GM’s and players. Eventually things will happen here and we will get to the GC.

8) Eventually, you say ??
   Only problem with that assessment is that this team may not have any fans left by that time !!

    Longtime fans are already turned off by this Tier 1&2 system, and now this latest fiasco just adds to their frustration
    of the instability of this once proud franchise !!

    Just pathetic.

Well then that’s the way it will be and the franchise will fold.

Of course we could just add a system to the CFL that guarantees every team to get to the GC at least once in every 8 years, or once with the number of teams in the league. That will take any uncertainty out of it and players and fans will know exactly what year they will earn a GC when they are playing. :wink:

I am confident that the organization is trying to win but in sports, there are no guarantees and that’s exactly the way I personally think it should be even if it means many years of drought with your team(s) of choice. In the meantime fans are allowed to call things pathetic, horrible, joke, not worth staying as a fan etc. whatever they want, that’s fine, I get it. I personally though, as frustrated as I get and people here know I do get frustrated when we lose, believe sooner than later we will get to the GC again. I am trying not to paint myself as a fair weather fan, more to please myself than anyone else.

1st - Comparing an owner from a 30 team league with a commerciallized fan-base built on hype to an owner from an 8 team league with a grass-root fan-base more interested in the game, is not a true comparison. Regardless of, yes, any owner of a sport team should be held accountable for the decision made, whether they make or the people they hire make them.

2nd - Spending little is the same as not spending wisely, the results are the same. We need more than a bank roller to cover the gaps on bad decisions, at the end of day it is our money that is also funding those same decisions and spending habits.

Yes one day we will reign again, but at what cost and under who's ownership and direction?

YES !!!
The owner of any business should always be the first to shoulder the blame.

I agree with some of the comments posted, and yes ownership has it's privilege of not only accepting praise but blame as well.

I am one of those quite pissed about Tier 1/Tier 2 after 35 years of continuous seasons tickets ownership. Enough has been said on several posts about this and nothing has or will change. That's a business decision made by someone in the TC organization.

Hiring and firing of upper management (namely Mitchell) is a Bob Young responsibility and he may or may not be the only voice in the process of hiring this individual. But, make no mistake, the vast majority of Hamiltonians (fans or not of the TC's) have a hate on for Mitchell. For many reasons.

But please, everyone, remember....if it wasn't for Bob Young and his deep pockets, we would have no local team. He has made mistakes....but I believe he really is trying his best to put a good team on the field. I just don't think Mitchell is the guy to do this and will drive fans away with his arrogance. I think Bob in the past has been a good boss in supporting his employee to the open public. It would be what we would all expect of our own supervisor at work. Behind the scene's, we have no idea what is truly happening. (maybe they don't either?? :frowning: )

I am sorry, but I COMPLETELY disagree with this general concsensus that without Bob Young there is no Ticats. Back in 2003, there was absolutely no way that the Ticats were folding. For that to happens means the CFL would have folder too, as you can't run a league with only 7 teams, this would have been a sponsorship nightmare (especially in Southern Ontario, the most populated area of Canada). Worst case would have been that the CFL continues to run the team until a suitable buyer came around, yes times would have been lean, and a new deal possibly with the NFL for capital, but they were never leaving. So please get off this Bob Young saved the team and look at the business of football.

I tend to agree with this, and remember back during the stadium fiasco there was a supposed buyer lined up, but the Ti-Cats were not for sale.

However, I want to be clear that I do not doubt his intentions and desire to produce a winning, proud and financially stable Tiger-Cats franchise. I'm glad he bought the team and invested in them and the stadium when he did, but that doesn't mean i agree with all his decisions from hiring to the great stadium debate.