Lefko says Als are in trouble...

"This team has trouble written all over it", says Perry Lefko, a former CFL employee, who now writes for Sportsnet.

Thank you Lefko! He makes a big thing about the one game injured list! Hello Perry!; yes the Als have an all star team on the one game injured list, but all of those guys will be back soon!

I hate to use the term, ok I hesitate, but, "Our Als are not getting any respect". OK, I said it. Feel free to pile on if you agree.

Our team has question marks at MLB, safety, defensive end and the O-line. But, it is stacked at every other position. PLus, we have a great offensive mind in Trestman, Scott Milanovich and Papao. All 3 of those guys have either been or have groomed QBs. It is like the Als have 3 QB coaches.

If some younger guys (Bourke, Deslauriers, Emery, etc) can step up, and our vets stay on the field, I think the Als can be a dark horse. I get the feeling this team will start slow, but will finish very strong. I have a good feeling about our team, despite all the "experts" and their doomsday predictions.

Cry me a river.
Try being a fan of the Ticats.

Sorry, I'm not interested in injuring myself with sharp objects. When your team stops playing like the retarded kid on the playground getting beaten up by a bunch of teenage kids, then you can legitimately complain about a lack of respect. Until then, every ounce of disrespect is earned.

Now leave our section, troll.

Dude, relax.

I was just making an innocent joke. Did you really need a :roll: or a :wink: to figure that out? Are you really that dense?

Simmers kids...

Apologies, my friend. I guess all the negativity surrounding my Als this season is getting me down.

I don't mind the negativity of most of the self-appointed pundits. Sure we have some concerns (heck, what team doesn't?), but I kind of like flying under the radar a bit; we may surprise quite a few out there who are taking us lightly.

Ok, no troll here. But Cahoon is going to be going into whiny fits when Calvillo, whose days are done IMHO, doesn't get the ball thrown fast enough to him.

Who will complain 1st starting June 26th ?

Casey Printer or Ben Cahoon ?

My vote is on Hamilton’s over-rated & whining QB, Casey Printers.

For other posters, I think you are worrying too much about the Als, I’m sure we'll be in for a couple of surprises for the other teams this year.

Sure, how could that be considered trolling? :roll:

Cahoon a whiner? That’s a new one, I always thought he was a class act.

No problem. No troll here. In all honesty, I really respect the Montreal franchise and hope they do well this year. Especially when it comes to beating Toronto and Winnipeg. Hope they have a good year (except on the 26th of course!).

Dude, don't be badmouthing in enemy territory. Especially two days before we play them, we may end up eating our words (although I doubt it :wink: ).

I dont believe Cahoon has ever whinned and who is to say that AC wont be getting the ball to him.

And why do you say his days are done?
In 13 games last year he passed for 3608 yards, He was on route for another 5000 yard season and would have finished 2nd in the league and tied for 3rd in TD's

Not exactly numbers of a "Done" QB are they?

Projected 5000 yards in a Bellefeuille offense
no less. Same for Cahoon until he got hurt he was on his way to beat Pitts record for most reception in a single season.

From what I saw from Macpherson opponents might regret getting what they wished for.

This will be one of the best seasons ever in the CFL.