Lefko - Keith to sign Tuesday

Sask is desperate for a running back after Wes Cates got injured, but couldn't fit KK under the cap. Maybe Hamilton offers Caulley to Sask for some help on the line, either O or D-line. Sask might have to overpay in a trade to get a decent back who comes with a contract that is affordable, and Hamilton uses KK along with Jesse. Just speculating.

As a player in the CFL. Saddely but true, the guy has enormous talent but Injury Prone he is and know this teams do.

Critics love to point out the obvious but kind of slippery when you ask for specifics.

So who, exactly, are all these magical players to fill in these holes?
and are they free agents?
do they want to leave their present teams?
no doubt will have to bid with other teams aswell
meanwhile a player that can make the team better has blown by while we're fiddling our thumbs and waiting for free agency and all these yet to be named players will no doubt banging on Obie's door..

When an opportunity comes along to build on a strength and make the team better. You take it

Why not keep both Keith and Caulley?
Barker will most likely be the starter at safety next year..(A Canadian starter to replace Lumsden's Canadian spot).

HMM most likley the following :

  1. That Prnters and his big contract are gone as they cannot afford Keith otherwise .

  2. That likley Lumsden is gone as free agent as they can't afford to spend this type of moeny on two running backs ,. My guess is that Lumsden has given them a courteous heads up that he will nto sign here next year.

  3. That they are not so confident in Caulley . Keith would now be the highest paid rb in the league . I am not convinced that Keith approached being the best inthe league as Colbourne in montreal , Cates in SASK , Roberst in BC , Smith in WPG ,and Lumsden and Caulley are all better .

Why we continue to stock pile QB's and RB's and have very little quality in reciever , linebacker , and dlineman defies me

On another note I saw sowem good things from the coach thsi past week ..the fake kick ..and overall enthusiasm and positive approach ..

rodriguez, adams, cameron liskowitz , anthony all looked good

still think gordon has to go

i getthe impression printers doesnt want to be here
can he be this bad and i told nyself if porter even looks ok then something is wrong with printers ...porter looked better than ok and yes i know thy have no film on him but hey if he looks ok against bc this weekend then we will know

I think the quality in receiver is a little overstated.
When Porter went in and threw the ball like a pro QB should, all of a sudden the receivers seemed a little more open.
Receivers should not have to be 5 yards open to have a ball thrown their way.

I too would like somebody to level with the Cats fans.
Why was Keith brought in?
I know that if things do not work out he can be traded or released.
Was he brought in as insurance in case the team does not sign Lumsden?
The management should explain their actions.

keith will take the place of lumsden who is as good as gone

porter / williams will fight for printers job in training camp next year

i think that porter will be given an opportunity at the end of this season to show his worth.

I think it's funny that we are still thinking that we can make the playoffs. I say blow it up right now and see who can play and who can't.

We've seen what Printers can do and that's nothing.

We've seen what Jesse can do, and that's getting hurt.

I don't want another season of this crap. We have been in all but 2 games. We should be 6-6 right now and alone in second place in the east.

How do you know we can rely on him??

I'm sure management will explain their actions after there are actions. Right now, there's just a lot of speculation.

Look at BC a talented young RB's Smart', Logan then they go and trade for Roberts older some say over the hill. BC knows you need solid talented backup at that position.

Why don't they trade Jo Jo walker for Cam Wake.
That has about the same chances of getting the other team to agree with it.

Toronto's already got a highly paid QB who's underpreforming.

Caully is good but no team in this leaque would give up a starting O-lineman for what upgrade Caulley may or may not be.

B.C. traded the CFL defending rushing champion for him.

[url=http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=250324&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_main]http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=250324&lid= ... Story_main[/url]

Well with the amount of money they are going to pay the man he should and better show results right off the bat .

Lumsden when he plays gets huge yardage with the O line we have . I expect the same or better from Keith . He has no excuse , if he wanted that kind of money to come here he better produce and produce right off the bat .

Some guys on here say Jesse is washed up , but he has a 6 or 7 yard per carry average and not just this season either . Keith better show this kind of results or why sign the man ?? Caulley has done a more than adequate job as the 2nd RB . 

Keith is a bad apple off the field , he better let his skills to the talking and just stick to being a good citizen off the field !!!

Well finally someone mentioned what I think appears to be obvious.....injuries aside....Jesse Lumsden is worth the risk...a quality Canadian starter is as good as gold in this league...however...my guess is that they attempted to sign Jesse to an extension and he wouldn't do it....that's why you make a move for Keith....check out some You tube footage....Kenton is a really talented back....he's not a miracle worker...with no o-line or a bad system, no back will succeed.....Kenton has worked with Marcelle and Charles Thomas...so there is some familiarity....Kenton's major downfall is not what happens on the field....again...he's 28 now...he has a kid....and I think he may have gotten married...I don't think the guy will ever be a saint....but maybe he's settled down some now...

Don't like this move. Too much dough for a guy with weak character and some recent injuries.

I can't help but think the money could be used better somewhere else.

The only way this makes sense is if the 'Cats just close there eyes on the cap and sign any talent that becomes available. Who cares if we lose draft picks, they don't work out for us anyway. Just use the later picks to get Canadian O-Lineman, they are the safety bet in a draft anyway.


Who are we kidding, if he plays well for us, we don't care what type of guy he is off the field.

The Buffalo Bills tried this for the past 10 years or so where they try to draft guys with high character. Now, the don't worry about it so much and they are now 3-0.

Lynch is a drunk who brings his own liquor into night clubs in the night club district.

The guy is good and this story has been already forgotten.

first of all, he won't get his jersey #-he only took 36 in indy cuz he was given it and unknown free agents don't ask for their fave # in the nfl-they're just happy to be there. that's point 1. point #2- this just isn't good for the lockerroom- with jesse still in there knowing this guy is getting paid more?
say what you want that jesse's not that kind of kid-well every pro athlete has an ego at some point.it's not like when they signed casey and jason was leaving.
throw in questionable character(keith)and it's just not good. the only way it works is if jesse is indifferent cuz he knows he's going to get paid in e-town and doesn't give a sh%t.
just my opinion, anyone else?

city legend

jesse was offered the big money and he chose to roll the dice counting on a big season

jesse is different because HE IS CONSTANTLY HURT! The team isn't winning with him in the line up. 1 win with him in it this year.

Don't worry about their egos. They get paid to play. You don't want the money, fine, we'll give it to someone else.

Just because Jesse is from Hamilton doesn't mean we always have to defend him cuz he's one of our own.

He's a man not a little boy who we have to look after.

Plain and simple, Jesse is too fragile and a better alternative to Caulley is what we are going to get. I don't see anything wrong with this signing.

Jesse's hurt too much. We need a reliable starter. Caulley is good but Keith is just that much better.

Sometime the truth hurts.

About character, I don't really care anymore. If we are winning on the field, I don't care what they do off the field. Young people with money sometimes find themselves in trouble.

I'll be Keith's driver if it comes down to it.