Lefko: if it comes down to $, Printers will be a Ticat

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And God bless Bob Young, who, according to Lefko, has given his blessing to Mitchel and Desjardins to break the bank to get Casey in Hamilton.

This is a defining moment for the franchise, I think, The potential signing of a marquee QB with athleticism and youth gives great options for the offense going forward. After an era of constantly being on the short end of free agent acquisition versus richer teams, the Cats can turn a page and sign Printers.

Oski Wee Wee,

I will definitely double my season tickets if Printers pulls on a black and gold jersey.

Give them credit for being aggressive however our past mistakes could come back to haunt us here.

So does Casey go for $$$ or go for a more solid team around him?

He has the chance to be a huge marquis player here and have instant star power and all the perks that go with it.

I wonder if he is the type of guy who wants the big market like Toronto or B.C. or is he the character player willing to take on a huge challenge here and be a leader?

I'm not so sure he won't go for an easier option for a little less dough based on his squabbling previously in B.C.

dont u think printers will look at what happened to maas and stay away?

superstar maas goes to the hammer and becomes a bum.

same with terry vaughn, kwame cavil, corey holmes and countless others.

Maas was never a 'superstar'

thats what i said, but 95% of ticat.ca/forum posters disagreed with me 2 seasons ago.

3 reasons why i think kasey printers will come here

  1. We have the most cap room left, therefore we should offer him the most money

  2. he has a better chance of being a starter here than anywhere else

  3. Craig Smith (i think that is his name) is the one who found printers and got him into this league and he is currently working with the cats right now

the new TSN deal kicks in next year, so the CAP number goes up...which is why i suspect printers will wait until the offseason to sign....teams will have more cap space to spend on him....

and if the cats have cap space now, theyll have lots more next year.

Maas, Holmes and countless others are not "bums"...they are some pretty solid players, that we haven't necessarily been the greatest employer for...

the one and only reason printers will come here is : MONEY!!!

if you pay, they will come, athletes lie all the time about wanting to go to a winner, but if you give up the cash, you can get anyone you want. The most important thing to do if Printers comes here is for Armstead to give up # 1, move to a spread offense that take advantage of Printers' arm, and it allows him to run the ball up the middle and move around, because with a spread offense a dual threat QB like Printers will have daylight all day baby.

tHE cap isn't a problem,....

I can't see Printers not returning to the beautiful west coast of BC where he has a contender team ,a chance for playoff glory and bonus $$$ and it's his former home .....

Like everyone on this site always indicates when a favourite player is cut, traded or not signed, this is a busines 1st and a sport 2nd. Therefore, Mr.Priners will sign with the club that provides the most lucrative package. That would be Hamilton, with the added bone that he will start.
All other clubs have bonafide starters.
BC has injury problems, but I don't think Printers will go back there.
Other than Hamilton, maybe Montreal with an aging AC who is about as mobile as Mike Kerrigan was. Have to wait and see.

That’s a good question.

There is no denying the fact that Casey wants to play in the NFL. Playing for a solid CFL team would certainly allow him to enhance his stats, which, in turn, would help him re-open that door with a bit more ease.

There seems to be a fair bit of hype on this board tonight, so it seems that he is coming here. However, I just can’t see it.

  1. Medlock represented Jason Goss and got him released out of Hamilton last year, SO, he owes the Cats one. He needs to bring them one, so with some hardballs in his bag again, he’ll scam the Cats again and Printers may be dropped off to be OVERPAID.