Lefko calls the Tiger-Cats office ---> geniuses


[i]"You wonder if the Argos are kicking themselves for not thinking of the idea Coincidentally, the team is in Florida now for a three-day off-season organized team workout that has largely been ignored by the Toronto media because it is in the U.S. and takes place during the biggest international sports event in Toronto history.

The fact the fights take place at the Rogers Centre, where the Argos play their home games, is another juicy little tidbit to this whole promotion and how the Tiger-Cats have managed to become a part of it.

So, it's really quite fascinating how the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will somehow be on display eight years after Bob Young's somewhat bombastic comments.

The Cats have truly become a global brand."[/i]

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[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2011/04/28/lefko_on_ticats/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... on_ticats/[/url]


I thought maybe the World Series (twice) ...

This is Lefko we are talking about... Keep that in mind. Is this really about kudos to the Tiger-Cats or a very clever way to take a jab at the Argos :wink:

biggest international sports event in Toronto history.

OMG, Toronto and all of Canada is in trouble if that's the case. No disrespect to UFC in the least but I laughed my AO reading that line. Well, it's Toronto who thinks the Leafs represent all of Canadians without question, what can you say. :? :wink:

Or southern Ontario IS Canada as some might say in an "Americanized town" like Chatham. :wink:

You think people outside the North American sports marker give a rat's ass about the Leafs, or Jays, or Raptors? The term "International" is correct in this case.

Regardless of what you think of mma and ultimate fighting, the UFC is a global event well beyond any Toronto Professional Sports franchise.

You have a point 72. I suppose I am really questioning the underlying assumption that because it is tje biggest international sports event in Toronto's history, tbat therefore I should automatically really ger pumped up accordingly. And believe me, while I respect UFC, I'm not personally moved by the event much. But that is just me.

All the best to all the combatants.

You know what the real downer about this article is? Compared to Lefko, everyone is a genius.... :expressionless:

now, that's funny ! :lol:

Lefko is correct though in that the Argos are probably squirming because they didn't think of this first. But, then again, there are other opportunities for them out there. eg: perhaps Donald Trump needs a sponsor for his big, fat, conspiracy theory laced potty mouth :wink: :twisted:

The brand exposure is one thing but Hominick is in very tough in this bout with Aldo. If Hominick is outclassed and gets thumped in front of the world, the Tiger-Cat brand immediately becomes associated with a LOOOOSER.
I'm not sure about the wisdom of that.

Biggest international event in Toronto history

OK then Canada/Russia Summit Series, World Cup Hockey, Toronto Indy, stupid challenge race between Bailey and some ugly American. Nope UFC isn't even close to the biggest. Its actually nothing more than the WWF Wrestlemania events that generated far more interest with Hulk Hogan and the like 20 years or so ago

Naw its dumb


Over million PPV buys 11 million dollars alone in ticket sales. Event was sold out in record time. Every province and 42 states were in attendance over 45 million dollars + was brought into Toronto in one weekend. With the MMA expo who knows what the true total vistors were. Noone outside of Canada with regards to Baily and Smith race noone cared about the summit series. Dana White is right in the fact GSP is the most well known Canadian athlete in the world at this point in time. Outside of the olympics you will be hard pressed to find any event that draws this much exposure internationally. This is shown and purchased off PPV in every major market in the entire world.

Take in for the UFC between 80 and 100 million dollars.... Amazing, they bought the crumbling company for five million dollars and invested another 5 million to keep it affloat for five years.

Biggest event in Toronto history, fair enough.

Canadian history, that's a different story.