Lefko Article- Lumsden Questionable For Game vs. Winnipeg

An article posted by Perry Lefko on sportsnet.ca reports that Jesse Lumsden, who is still recovering from an injury to his clavicle and neck, is eager to return to action but is questionable for the game against Winnipeg this Saturday night:

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/article.jsp?content=20070910_183546_5008]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/ar ... 83546_5008[/url]

Hopefully Lumsden is able to start. The ticat offence is nothing without him I went to the labour day game and we had only one long offencsive play which was just bad coverage by the argos. Lumsden would be great to take some pressure off of Printers since it is first game back in the CFL he will need lumsden to help him out from time to time with large runs and most important lumsden is an amazing pass blocker! he will be a much needed asset for teh O-Line.

although i would love to have him in the lineup im not too worried about it because our backups have proven to be very capable

We did have over 140 yrds from our RB's last game if you didn't know. So, its not like we are completely out of a running game with out him.

The number of rushing plays during the last game was about twice as many as the highest number of any previous game (ie. on Labour Day when Lumsden also didn't play). We're talking about an average of about 4.5 yards per play.

There will be no rush to start him on Saturday, why risk it. He will sit out another game.
Caulley, Davis and Dickerson are playing great.

are you telling us that if we double jesse's work load his yards per carry will go up? remain the same? or most likely drop to around 4-5 a carry? here i ll help you out it would drop to a respectable 4-5 yards a carry....which is great! heres the rub though now you have a injury prone guy who hasnt finished a season since pee wee football double his workload and doubling his chance of injury. Anyways like another poster said there is no rush to get him back. take your time get as healthy as you can be when your made of glass. lol. just kidding hes a tough kid just bustin balls a little lol.