Lefevour works out for Riders at mini-camp

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QB @DanLeFevour13 throwing at the #Riders mini-camp.
Was drafted by the questionable #MLFB which won't be playing this year. If ever. #CFL

on twitter 2 weeks ago he said he was coming back to the CFL but would not tell anyone which team. Just said "stay tuned"

I assumed Lefevour would likely go back to Montreal seeing as how Popp was gracious enough to let him out of his contract to sign with the fledgling MLFB.

....Riders prepping for a back-up in case their starter, who hasn't played meaningful football in 2 years, is put back on the ir. :wink:

Montreal cut him. It did not have anything to do with the new league.

He would have liked to but Montreal decided to move on. I'm glad he's getting an opportunity.

Probably more chance of LeFevour getting playing time in SSK, with Durant's injury history and the lack of a clear #2.

actually, on Jan 25 Lefevour himself tweeted that he had asked to be released from the Als which Popp accommodated.
Then just two days later it was announced that he signed with the MLFB as one of 8 "franchise" players.

Ah Ok...thanks for the clarification.

While Lefevour may have asked for his release on the 25th of January, he was scheduled to become a free agent in 2 weeks. Jim Popp had already released Tanner Marsh and had previously stated that he wanted fewer quarterbacks in training camp than last year. The writing was on the wall. Lefevour must have realized what his CFL market value was and took advantage of a new league signing him and giving him the franchise tag. Frankly, there was no CFL takers when the MLFB declared there would be no 2016 season.

Lefevour could be at the Rider tryout simply because they had an open invite to all MLFB players & because they were the first CFL team to have a mini-camp. Lefevour might not even be a better position to win a spot as compared to the other 6-7 new quarterbacks the Riders brought in.

Dan Lefevour eh? Watch out Calgary and Edmonton those melon heads are back with a vengeance :lol:

Yep no kidding. Not like they won a lottery like the Esks with a Dimarco signing. :lol: :lol: :lol: Dimarco now costs the Esks money, Lefevour will never cost the Riders a dime. :lol: :lol: :lol:


And at least he'll make it through a season without tearing his archilles standing still like ol man Durant :smiley:

Les Roughriders ont déjà Brett Smith et B.J Coleman en réserve. LeFevour n’a pas impressionné lors du mini-camp des Roughriders, mais s’il peut revenir en force dans un camp d’entraînement, il pourrait devenir un substitut relativement crédible. LeFevour a eu pratiquement 2 ans pour se remettre de sa blessure au genou et un an pour sa blessure à l’épaule gauche. Il était certainement rouillé mais s’il reprend la forme, qui sait s’il ne pourrait pas aider une équipe comme les Roughriders. J’ai aimé ce que j’ai vu de Smith l’an dernier, mais je ne peux pas dire que je le vois immédiatement comme partant. Durant est le quart #1, mais l’historique des 3 dernières saisons montre qu’il est hypothéqué et l’idée qu’il pourrait encore se blesser pour le reste d’une saison est de moins en moins une seule vue de l’esprit.

Well that's good for the Western teams then I guess. With Rileys not so Iron man past, he should get lots of work.

DeMarco is twice the man and five times the qb Durant is. :rockin:

Edmonton could have Marvin Graves at QB and still have a better record than the melon heads.

Lefevour signs with the Buccaneers . According to twitter . AND Good for him !

It's official :thup:

[url=http://www.buccaneers.com/news/article-smith/Buccaneers-Sign-QB-Dan-LeFevour/00a3929f-6673-4306-aa10-a1d991fcdd8c]http://www.buccaneers.com/news/article- ... d991fcdd8c[/url]

I doubt he'll last through their training camp, but good for him.

How do you know he didn't impress at mini camp?