Lefevour still with Tiger-Cats!!!!!!

Just wanted to make sure people scanning the topics did not see incorrect information.

There is no indication he will be leaving but I hope he stays. I think he can become a starter (not necessarily here) in the future but right now he is good insurance in case Collaros is injured again.

Thanks for your post, mr62cats. It’s refreshing to read something that makes sense and is actually true regarding
this topic.
I agree, Lefevour could likely start anywhere, but more importantly from my personal selfish entitlement,
I’d prefer him to remain in his current position as backup to Collaros.
In the event of a Collaros injury, I would have every confidence in seeing him as our backup OB. Management may
have to consider paying him some extra cash to keep him here, but I think he’s worth it. :thup:

Well done :lol:

What? I thought he signed with the Als? what happened, did the deal fall through?.................. :roll:

I hope we re-sign LeFevour, but I can see him ending up in Montreal, BC or Ottawa.

I like Dan and hope we re-sign him too. I guess the questions will be how teams (including Hamilton) feel about his injury recovery, and whether they want to pay him 1A money or not. He'll go where the situation looks best for him, as he should. I hope it's in Hamilton.

people take themselves way to seriously on teh internetz.

LeFevour is as good as gone. As long as austin is HC / GM Collaro's will be #1 and for now it's really our loss. Danny is a competitor and a winner, where i see collaros as a game manager who gets ruffled in the clutch. Hopefully Collaros settles his happy feet and adjusts his game a bit over the next few years to become the franchise guy we all so desperately want.

The real question isn't will LeFevour stay? it's where is he going?

I don't think he want's to play back up, and has proven he can produce a starters numbers. Unless his injury has changed things, but then again, Austin signed the incredible Masoli to an extension, and not LeFevour.


You could be right...but it hasn't happened yet! :slight_smile:
I don't know why Masoli seems to be in favour with Austin. He has shown zero when it comes to being a reliable QB.
I'm waiting to see if more QB's will be brought in for training camp this year. That should give us an idea about how our #2 is shaping up and whether Lefevour or Masoli stays. My vote is Lefevour but I also suspect he may be looking for a move.

Leflower was offered an extension and turned it down.

So you sign the guy who would accept the new contract.

We must have been watching different CFL seasons in 2014. I watched the one where the Ticats won most of the games that Collaros started, and lost most of the ones that he didn't.

Attributing wins to a QB is like giving credit to your brake pedal for stopping your car. Sure you can't do it with out one, but it is far from the only part needed.

Football is a team sport.

The Ti-Cats defensive for example was much better labor day and afterwards than before. That would also be when Zach came back from injury and played much better than he had in his first couple of starts.

Which came first the chicken or the egg?

football may be a team sport but no QB=No success.
Look how Montreal changed their season around. Same surrounding cast, new QB

All I know is that the Cats came within a controversial penalty of winning the Grey Cup with a "game manager." Collaros came a long way, too. As a young QB with a patchwork line, learning a new system, his accomplishments were extraordinary. I like Lefevour, too, but you have to admit that his arm strength is subpar. I believe this is the only trait that keeps Dan from being a successful NFL QB and is the reason Austin signed Zach. Every CFL quarterback is here because there is something about him that doesn't fit the NFL mold. Zach is short and Dan's arm is a understrength. Although I doubt that Lefevour will stay, he would make a great fourth down/backup.

LB74, No one on this site is ever going to take you seriously ever again, so why even try and post.
Does the LB stand for Little Boy who cries wolf.

Collaras and lefevour, we will be unstoppable.

I meant, of course, that Lefevour would make a great third down QB. I've been watching too much football down here the last six weeks.


I was worried the CFL had changed one of its' most defining rule differences with the No Fun League. Glad it was a brain fart sir! :lol:

Might wanna watch what you say around here Stuber, people might not take you seriously, ever. :wink: :roll:

In this case, I think it was the chicken. His first start not only did he win, he also produced numbers that weren't just team records, they were LEAGUE records


Then the next game should have been a win, if not for a massive defensive implosion in the final 3 minutes.

I still don't know where the idea that Dan has a weak arm comes from. It's not even the most relevant part of a QB especially in the CFL, they need to be accurate and know when to escape the pocket and how to utilize all 6 of their receivers. Also, if you want to point at the Oline and say "look how good Zak did with that terrible line" let's not forget that Lefevour played with the same personel infront of him, and probably played when they were not as effective as after labour day.

Zak's 3000 yards is impressive, but henry burris threw for over 5000 in a year the cats finished 6-12.

Austin is a salesman, and he's sold Hamilton on Collaros.

anyway, none of this has to do with trying to predict where Lefevour ends up. because I don't think we're going to be able to keep him.

Austin sees his players in practice every day. He obviously prefers Collaros to Lefevour for some reason. The latter is big, mobile, and an accurate passer. He has managed games well. For what other reason would KA take the enormous risk of acquiring Zach? It is my admittedly prejudiced opinion that ZC throws a crisper short and medium length ball. I am just theorizing that it may be the reason he receives preference. I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I played nine years of organized football (including two at a small college) and should have at least some credibility.

Don't worry stubber, i was making a tounge in cheek retort to some other commenters.