LeFevour Signs with MTL!!!

Or at least that's my prediction.

I don't think crompton is as good as he's been made out to be.

And B.C. is going to continue to hold on to lulay

Ottawa still thinks Burris can play #1, despite being benched for his #2 in 4 of his last 5 seasons.

The guy is a winner and whoever picks him up will be very happy.

grrr change the title. I had a little heart attack there

I want him to stay


no no Nanette... its not nice to toy with Mother Nature that way...

Have you been over at the Arblows site again, and they SUCKED your brain out through that tube?

Obviously didn't have my brain on when I read the title since that would be impossible right now, but still not a very nice trick :thdn: :wink:

LB74 gets just about everyone annoyed with him. At least, that's my prediction. :lol:

Op is an ass. A 16 year old who thinks he’s funny.

We talked about this. B.C.

Wait and see

LB74: Find something else to do. Anything! But get the hell off this board! :thdn:

Mods…please ban the OP for this deliberately misleading thread title! :thdn: :thdn:

1 - Hilarious.
2 - at least 1 of ten responses is actually on topic, so that all in all is not so bad for Ti-Cat's Chat.
3 -

With BC's coaching staff, i don't think they'll bite.
4 - Why the change in heart from "Dan has no arm" to "don't trick me into thinking he's gone!"
5 - as long as Collaros is the annointed #1 Danny boy is outta here. I've narrowed it down to three cities BC, OTT, MTL. and I think all signs point MTL.

Dan has probably earned his opportunity to fight for a "1A" position on a weak-QB team.

That being said, the title of the thread is a statement of fact, not conjecture. Please do not title your threads as such in the future, it only annoys people, and they will not take you seriously (if ever).

I just had one, I am big on levour.

I think the correct interpretation is that 90% of readers don't like your thread title. (I think that estimate is low.)

If you want a real discussion, try following proper etiquette next time. You could give a great talk at a high school Careers Day, but if you drop your pants in the middle of it, no one will really care about the words you used.

However, they might point and laugh! :smiley:

Meh, I'm not to phased by all of it. A certian Caretaker I can think of is rather fond of pranks.

As for "real discussion", not much of that is hopping in the other LeFevour thread either.

Possibly because there really isn't much to discuss right now.

MODS...close thread

We have a great one-two punch with them both...no one in the league has two quarterbacks as good as ours as a team...lets hope he stays!!