LeFevour likely to start

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[b]"LeFevour ran the top offence during Tuesday's return to action. With only Wednesday and Thursday practices remaining, it appears Kent Austin is about to start his third different quarterback in three games.

"Danny got the majority of the reps today but we'll evaluate it and see how it goes, " the Hamilton head coach said after Tuesday's sweltering practice at Ron Joyce Stadium."[/b]

LeFevour deserves the start
He went 9 of 11 passing in his 1 quarter of play in CGY
Masoli (9 of 20)had his opportunity and did not do well, to say the least.

Masoli has good skills, but seemed spooked in the Calgary game, and didn’t run nearly as much as he should have.

Lefevour handled the pressure better. He is motivated to do well because this could be his last year here…he wants to showcase his skills to other teams looking for starting QB material. My understanding is that Austin tried to sign Lefevour to an extension in the off-season, and Lefevour said no thanks.

Time to see what the kid can do with the reins in hand. The kid might have had a wake up call this season with dropping to #3 after some time at #2. Sometimes the cold slap of reality wakes up the athlete's inner leader and I hope that's the case for Dan.

In my opinion, LeFevour should get the start, and should have last game. He has sat in the back seat behind Hank and has shown he can do the job when called upon. Until he shows he cannot do the job, he should be our starter until Collaros returns. Letting Masoli start last game was a slap in the face, (or a kick in the ****). It will be interesting on Saturday.


I hope he does well. It would be a first to see a QB come all the way up through the Ti-Cat's system. I can't think of anybody we've developed that's become a starter.

Masoli has good (but raw) physical tools, but I really think Lefevour has better intangibles.

Lefevour is just Porter 2.0 he will never be a great qb ever!! he can run fine but he really cant throw a football well, everything deep is underthrown everything else has a massive arc or takes way too long to get there. Your making it too easy on defenses when they know you cant throw deep. Id like to see them develop Masoli more than Lefevour but neither is a great choice right now.

Neither one is showing much accuracy at this point. LeFevour underthrows, Masoli overthrows (although I loved the bullet he threw to Giguere at the sideline last week). Pretty sure it'd be easier to correct someone who overthrows - has the strength to get the ball there, just needs refinement - than someone who underthrows - arm strength may not be there.

Last week, LeFevous looked more comfortable, more composed. The week before, it was the other way around. Could be related to what the two teams' defences were playing us?

Perhaps when we have our o-line back from injuries, there will be better pocket protection. Until then, whoever can find or move the pocket against the defence that week will be the more successful quarterback. Of course by then,m we might have Collaros back, and hopefully he will turn out to be better than the other two.


Bingo. Until LeFevour shows that he can throw deep, opposing defenses will focus on the short and medium routes. That takes an important element away from your offense.
I'm sure Burris has filled in the Ottawa coaches about LeFevour's strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, etc.

You're just not thinking hard enough. Many have started (for us). Very few have started more than a handful of games. None has gone on to start elsewhere.

Depends on what you mean by “develop”. You might have to go back all the way to Chuck Ealey or Joe Zuger to come up with one who came to the Ticats out of university and ended up staring for a couple of seasons or more. Others, like Mike Kerrigan, first came to the CFL with the Ticats as a backup and ended up starting for some time, but had previous pro experience.

Gee, do you think that Austin and Orlondo would know Burris' strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, etc.

OTT defence is giving up a league worst Total Defence of 396.5YPG
and league worst Pass Defence of 287 YPG

Of course they know what Burris can do - including his arm strength and deep pass capability. So what's your point?

That's more or less what i was getting at.

What's with everyone on about Lefevour's "arm strength" the guy throws one lame duck pass that get's picked and suddenly he's got a noodle arm? and then people rip on a 9 yd completion average? when the guy complete's 10 of 11 throws... thats... Wow... a scoring drive starting from our own 20?

I've also got to point out, lefevour has been the only QB this year to produce in the clutch, and has been the only one to consistently engineer sustained drives. If we can do that, and keep our defense off the field then we have a better chance of winning this week, than we have in the last three games.

Take a look at a guy like Ricky Ray. Most of his passes are under 20 yards, and they aren't bullets. He will nickle and dime his way to a "W", and when he needs to go deep, he airs it out which really just gives the WR time to adjust and get under the ball.

So far his performance this year shows that Dan can make the throws he needs to, and can lead the offense into a position to score. Something neither Collaros, or Masoli have done.

Drews Notes from Wed. practice

Notes: For the second straight day, Dan LeFevour took the majority of reps at quarterback with the first team offence on Wednesday, meaning he's likely to start in place of injured Zach Collaros against Ottawa on Saturday. Head coach Kent Austin said they'll make announcement on Thursday... Offensive lineman Mike Filer is practiced for the first time since injury his foot in the pre-season and the Ticats have activated him from the six-game injured list. "We're trying to get him more reps and just see how he responds. Things look positive but probably not for this week," Austin said. "He was our starting centre all training camp so we'll be glad to have him back.?... notable Ticats not practicing: linebacker Simoni Lawence, safety Neil King,offensive linemen Joel Figeuroa, Marc Dile and Greg Wojt. Receiver Greg Ellingson has the flu and was sent home.

Also our Defence will be starting the same players as last week
and a real nice write up about MLB Taylor Reed

[b]"It's not by design - talented Simoni Lawrence remains on the sidelines - but the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will encounter something unusual Saturday night, besides playing where they weren't supposed to, in the smallest stadium to host a regular-season Canadian Football League game since Jake Gaudaur was in uniform.

They're likely to start the same 12 players on defence they did the game before, which should surprise even Henry Burris. When he was here last year, they didn't get to that kind of defensive carry-over until late August.

The continuity is one of the reasons that, in complete contrast to last season's early going, the Ticat defence is carrying the offence. Also, they have to carry the offence.

Not that what we'll see Saturday is the Cats' optimum starting defence, but it's very, very close. Lawrence is an undisputed starter and fellow linebacker Rico Murray, who has been injured for the same two-game stretch as Lawrence, had started the first two games, too.

They were flanking Frédéric Plesius, the middle linebacker. But newcomer Taylor Reed, who's been here less than a month, is now in that slot. His coaches describe him as the classic "angry middle linebacker" and he does not dispute that label.

"I like to think I've got a different persona on the field, " says Reed, who is from the football hotbed of Beaumont, Texas. "As you see me now, I'm a quiet guy, I like to joke and laugh. It's a bit like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You have to be angry at that position, you have to be physical at that position.

"You want to create the feeling on the other team that it's not going to be easy in the middle. You are not going to be running the ball through the middle, you are not going to be throwing over the middle. Quarterback: You will not be safe in the middle."

Ticat defensive co-ordinator Orlondo Steinauer, who's coached his D into the upper tier of the league in many categories, says the Ticats "were looking for intensity in that position.

"Fred brings intensity, too. Taylor is an aggressive kid who loves to play football. He's working his way into top football shape: He didn't have training camp, he has to learn the playbook on the fly."

Reed put up big defensive numbers at SMU, where his current linebacking coach Jeff Reinebold was then the receivers coach. It was via Reinebold he ended up a Cat, after being among the last cuts of the Dallas Cowboys last summer, spending time on the Blue Bombers practice roster, then returning for more practice-roster time in Dallas and Winnipeg." [/b]

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2014/07/ticats-defence-bringing-a-physical-element.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2014/ ... ement.html[/url]

Those are good points about LeFevour, but the comparison to Ricky Ray, one of the game’s all-time greatest deep-ball touch passers, is pretty tenuous. When you say that Ray “airs it out which really just gives the WR time to adjust and get under the ball,” you are dismissing the difficulty in placing a deep ball with touch exactly where it needs to be, giving the WR time to get to the spot but also not underthrowing or overthrowing the ball. It is a skill that not every QB has, and also one at which Ray excels. His touch on corner routes and fades is insane, and part of why he will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer when he retires.

I have nothing against LeFevour, but it is perfectly fair to have concerns about his ability to throw the deep ball until and unless he gives Cats fans reason to think otherwise. Just my two cents.

Just to take this point a little further, everybody in the league knows Burris. There are miles of film on him with four different teams and in many more schemes under different OCs. So knowing Burris is not a real advantage.

Burris on the other hand can give info to the RBs about LeFeavour and about his play package in Austin's schemes. There are a lot of unknowns in playing against LeFevour and Hank probably can fill in the gaps. Also, Hank will be quite familiar with Austin and Condell's philosophies and tendencies and will no doubt impart that familiarity to his new team. While he can't know exact plays and schemes he will certainly know things like play progressions and how they will attack Ottawa's D.

That is a true advantage over and above the advantage gained in "knowing Burris."

And I'm sure that Burris would have coached LeFevour and been his mentor. Ottawa will know that LeFevour will do a lot of running and they will key on that.

I think the key difference is that while Hamilton may know Burris, they don't know him running Gibson's offence and working with a whole new set of receivers in Ottawa (or rather, they know him the way any team would know him in the latter context -- by studying game film, not by way of any special insider knowledge). By contrast, Burris knows how LeFevour will run Austin and Condell's offence with essentially the same set of personnel, because he himself played in that same system last year. So in terms of inside info, advantage Ottawa FWIW. Still doesn't mean Hamilton can't beat Ottawa, though. It's just one factor among many.

Hanks passing is 208 YPG
Cats passing is 194.3 YPG
A difference of 16 YPG

Burris got sacked 5 times last game, he still holds onto the ball too long
We can get some pressure on him.


LeFevour is officially starting against the REDBLACKS,making this 3 different starting QB's in 3 games in a row.The stranger thing right now as of this posting is the fact that the Cats have more QB's listed on the IL(3)Collaros,McGee,Harris than they do on the active roster(2)LeFevour,Masoli. We know that of the three Collaros is definitely not playing,which leaves either McGee to dress again as the 3rd stringer or the newly signed Jacory Harris to suit up for his 1rst game.The only other option I guess would be that the team goes a QB short on the gameday this Saturday and only dress 2 QB's instead of the standard 3.The depth chart should be out sometime tomorrow,I guess we'll just have to wait and see how the team approaches this reserve QB situation.

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