Lee and Pointer

Hats off to our rookie DB's. Played a very solid game and never looked out of place. Keep it going gentlemen!

I agree. Lee especially. The kid has looked good each game since taking over the corner spot. He deserved that pick that was taken away by penalty. He read the throw well and worked hard to get there. Great job.

Although Pointer messed up Lee's INT by going offside, he sort of made up for it by his subsequent fumble recovery. (I hope he bought Lee a beer after the game).

Pointer was also the guy who ran the fake punt in for a TD during the pre-season game at THF.

They will be tested next week against some of the best receivers in the league (not wearing black and gold). We should have a better "read" on how good they are after that game.


Agreed they both locked it down out there.